Colleges and the battle of fake ids

Sam ordered his first fake ID when he was three weeks into his freshman year from the world notorious fake ID vendor named as FAKE IDGOD. Same and his two other friends decided to have their own fake ids to enjoy adult lifestyle and to buy drinks freely. They place their request with the FakeYourDrank famous fake id vendor that is a real person or a group directly working from China. Sam further added that he hear the name of this fake id vendor when his senior was talking about getting their fake ids in his sophomore year of high school education.

He also added that he is in literal sense god of making fake ids. They are actually a team of Chinese men that might be working as gangs or involved in serious organized crimes. No one is sure about their business but everyone is clear that they do their business right of making fake ids. They have the huge operation selling fake ids to U.S teens. We investigated the company and get to know that it was used to be a huge company consists of many individuals and with the passage of time their business grow, the tension among the individuals escalated and they drew apart. One of the section started selling the same fake ids with the name of Fake IDGod.

Now when Sam is nineteen years old getting college degree, he owns almost twenty to twenty five fake IDs. His reason behind accumulating these fake ids is similar to all those college students. He acclaimed that fake IDs appeared to be golden ticket to enter into adult and grown- up setup (drinking booze, attending bars and casinos) that was unable before the fake IDs. Participation in these adult vices has always been the dream of many teenagers from generation after generation. Moreover, they make them close to the Hollywood drama and movie teen stars and a compulsory thing to have for teens. He purchased from the website who seems to be a chinese vendor.

Sam and thousand college student like him is using fake ids to do things that they are not supposed to do. They are trying to be adult even before they actually are. Sam supported his doing by proclaiming that in the fast pace of technology of this worlds what do you expect from college teens. They do not want to miss anything especially the fun. He said that people like want to have good in everything that is why we are holding multiple fake ids. He showed us his Utah fake ID that he ordered from fake id maker and that look quite real to me to be honest. It is best to have this one because it is currently the best id to have in the market.

He added that the main thing is to copy the gaps, shapes other intricacies and microprints embedded on the real IDs under the ultraviolet rays. Holding my original Florida ID, he explained the marks and added, most of the bouncers, and owners of bear stores look for while detecting the fake ID. We as a fake ID holder look for such details while buying from the fake id maker and vendor. These features are nearly impossible to copy without using some high technology machinery.

Fake id use is widespread and its detection is difficult. However, one machine name as the box scanner is considered as the worst nightmare of fake ID holders. Box scanner scanned the id shown by a person on a huge screen from which the store owner, bouncer and casino worker can spot the fake detailing easily. Box scanner scans the id from front and back and then compares it to the original id for highlighting difference between them. As there are no perfect fake ids yet in the market, it is impossible to past the box scanner in any way. But these machines are not very common and only used in the prominent places making room for fake id holders to enjoy.

Sam has the aim to collect fake ids of all fifty states. He added that the best thing of having fake id is that they do not just allow you to buy booze rather let you enjoy and enrich your life every way possible. For instance, if a museum in Texas is offering discounted admission for residents, he will put the fake Texas ID in front. In addition to that, if same is happening in Bronx Zoo, he is able to use his New York fake ID.

In recent month, the law enforcement agency has gathered 50 fake ids from ten different states. Further, 354 fake ids were gathered presumably from college or high schools students while participating in Coachella festival of 2017. These incidents are not rare and with the advent of social media fake id usage is getting out of hand. Now the students can order the fake ids even doing comment on instagram or reddit and they would have fake id.

These incidents and more would be less likely if the teens were aware of the consequences of using fake ids. Showing the bouncer or store owner your fake ID can result in imprisonment. When bouncer handed over your fake it to police and they asked if it yours, then you cannot lie to police. Lying to police would result in more sever consequences and you could get arrested. Even when you got pulled out while showing yours fake or new dives license, you cannot lie to the police. You could be arrested and charged with misdemeanor. In such case, you can get one year punishment or some severe charges to pay.

Moreover in some states like Illionois and Florida, using fake ID is considered as the felony. Felony is a term used in law that is defined as punishment more than one year or death sentence. Although you can get that but cops keep in mind what you were doing with fake id to charge you with felony.

Methods to beat fake ID

Theft that includes fake ID is exclusive and rampant. If your company’s functioning include the ID system of your customers then you should be attentive and vigilant enough to detect some fake IDs. If your company system to detect any fake ID card then loss is evitable as thieves usually manifest our negligence and use then as a tool to propagate theft. One sensible company had to avoid any such incidents that include fake IDs and for that your company’s system of detection should be sharp enough. For fake ID detection there is a common practiced that is recommended here is F.L.A.G . These words stands for F= Feel, L=look, A=ask and at the end G= give it back to the person or in case of fake ID give it back to the police. Further knowledge about the detection of fake Ids is given below:

• F that stands for FEEL: There are some material security highlights you ought to have the capacity to feel. In the first place, don’t acknowledge an ID appeared to you from inside a wallet window opening, which keeps you from contacting it. Have the individual remove his or her ID from their wallet so you can feel it. When you are grasping it, be careful that ID criminals have figured out how to fake some material highlights. Focus on quality is what more important tactic is.

• L stands for Look: Take a gander at the image. Is the individual remaining before you a similar individual in the ID picture? This is exceptionally abstract. You should concentrate on the “Triangle of Recognition” region of the face (eyes, ears, nose, mouth and jaw). Except if the individual has had plastic medical procedure, these regions won’t change drastically over some undefined time frame. Hair, eye temples, eye shading and facial hair can be changed. Countenances can get more slender or heavier with weight increase or misfortune. Be that as it may, the situation of the ears and eyes won’t normally change. Search for a distinction that can’t be clarified. For instance, if the individual remaining before you has a dimple on the jaw, however there is no dimple found in the personal ID, at that point this ought to be viewed as a warning. Dimple embed medical procedure is certainly not a sensible clarification. Furthermore, take a gander at the mark. You don’t need to be penmanship masters to perceive a noteworthy contrast in the mark on the card and on an archive you have them sign before you. Can an individual’s mark change? Indeed, yet it could likewise be drastically extraordinary on the grounds that that individual is utilizing an ID that does not have a place with them.

• A stands for Ask: Bouncers at bars are great at posing inquiries and getting the phony ID holder in an untruth. For instance, the fake ID will most likely have a fake date of birth. This new fake birth date may fall under an alternate Zodiac sign than the speculator’s genuine birth date Zodiac sign. You may ask the suspect “What is your Zodiac sign?” The suspect may know his fake date of birth since he remembered it however likely won’t realize his new Zodiac sign.

• G stands for give ID back or Give it to police: On the off chance that you have checked all the security highlights to the best your capacity and trust that the individual before you is a similar individual in the image, give the card back to them and keep working with them. In the event that you trust you have a fake ID, you can catch the card. It is usually best to just photocopy it and give it back to customer and later on report to the police.

Above mentioned tactics are for manual and spontaneous Identification of the fake ID cards. Regardless of our cautions and precautionary measure there is a fair chance of error that can make any fake ID get slip under your nose. That is all fine as we are humans and for humans it is all okay to make mistakes. But there is some software or other technologies to detect the fake ID and is described below.

• TokenWorks is demonstrating the new IDentiFake® Plus Fake ID / Age Verification solution at the Indian Gaming Tradeshow & Convention at the San Diego Convention Center, April 1-4, 2019. The IDentiFake Plus comes with a Hard Anodized Aluminum Protective Case that protects the E-Seek M-500 Scanner and can be viewed at the E-Seek booth, No. 2407. IDentiFake Plus decides realness by contrasting pictures with a library of credible IDs and known fakes, performing criminological checks of visualizations, small scale printing, bright and infrared pictures and other archive explicit security highlights. The constantly refreshed library of more than 6,000 distinguishing proof archives from 196 nations and each of the 50 states, including driver licenses, state IDs, national IDs, military IDs, voter cards, occupant cards, visas, outskirt crossing cards, Government: PIV, CAC, and TWIC cards and travel papers (with discretionary international ID peruser) is the biggest in the business. Various IDentiFake and portable ID scanners can be coordinates with IDVisor Sync, which can be run locally or as a cloud administration. All outputs are date/time stepped, setting up due constancy and permitting synchronization with security, video observation or different frameworks. A Security Management Console enables security divisions to halfway screen all scanners, download Problem Gambling/Self-Exclusion and different records and setup email notice bunches for occasions, for example, VIP landing, prohibited individual, and so forth. Safely, halfway gathered sweep information can be utilized for making reports for controllers and additionally traded to existing gambling club frameworks. With the usage of good tactics along with technology one can completely detect any fake ID scam and can prevent any loss. With the usage of technology chances of any types of errors become less likely to happen. Above mentioned technology and manual technique could be convenient If only one use It wisely.