Registrations are now open for early payment with discount in the DroneShow and MundoGEO Connect 2020, which will take place on May 19 through 21 in the Frei Caneca Convention Center, in São Paulo (SP), and dealing about the topic of Innovative Solutions for Vertical Markets.

In 2020, the events will offer a set of 6 Forums, 9 Seminars and 20 basic, intermediate and advanced courses. Early registrations with discount have already opened. Limited openings!

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Auditorium on the previous edition of DroneShow and MundoGEO Connect

DroneShow and MundoGEO Connect 2020 will be an actual festival of attractions: several arenas with innovative presentations, a schedule with basic and advanced courses, seminars and thematic forums, room for experimenting 3D technologies, awards for the best projects, room for scheduled meetings aiming at generating business and sharing experiences, besides the largest fair in the sector in the Americas in total attendance.

“We set the schedule of the activities based on the evaluation from surveys conducted with this year’s attendees and with the sector specialists. Our range of courses goes from practical for those needing a hands-on approach, to basic and advanced for updating professionals. Alternatively, our forums and seminars aim at presenting results from real cases and debating about the use of geotechnologies – as well as drones and similar remote sensing platforms – as a tool for digital transformation in companies and institutions In the 2020 event will focus on presenting innovative solutions for the vertical markets”

Emerson Granemann, MundoGEO CEO and founder of MundoGEO Connect and DroneShow


Find all the activities taking place in the event:

May 19

  • Opening Ceremony: Digital Transformation
  • 2nd Forum: Earth Observation and Environment
  • 9th Forum: Drone Business
  • Seminar: Geo & Drones in Energy
  • Seminar: Geo & Drones in Mining
  • Seminar: Geo & Drones in Transports
  • Course: Drone Regulation
  • Course: Spatial Analysis
  • Basic Course: Processing drone images
  • Course: Drones for Environmental Mapping
  • Practical course: QGIS – Class 1
  • Practical course: ArcGIS – Class 1

May 20

  • 2nd Forum: Geo & Drones in Smart Cities
  • 1st Forum: Geo & Drones in Safety
  • Seminar: Geo & Drones in Forestry
  • Seminar: 3D Topography, Laser Scanning and BIM
  • Seminar: Geo & Drones in Infrastructure
  • Course: Technical Registration and Georeferencing in Urban Real Estate
  • Course: Drones for Aerophotogrammetry
  • Basic Course: Drones in Agriculture
  • Advanced Course: Drone Image Processing
  • Course: Inspections with drones
  • Practical course: QGIS – Class 2
  • Practical course: ArcGIS – Class 2
  • DroneShow and MundoGEO Connect Awards

May 21

  • 1st Forum: Geo & Drones in Agriculture
  • 1st Forum: Geo & Drones in Civil Construction
  • Seminar: Geo & Drones for Utilities
  • Seminar: GIS & Big Data
  • Seminar: Geo & Drones in Logistics and Delivery
  • Advanced Course: Drones in Agriculture
  • Course: Drones for Topography
  • Course: Georeferencing in Rural Real Estate
  • Course: GIS and Big Data
  • Course: Construction Site Monitoring
  • Practical Course: ArcGIS – Class 3
  • Practical Course: Drone Image Processing – Only Class Available

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In parallel to these activities there will be a fair with the main companies in the sector. Check the ones already booked in the fair.

Check the summary of the previous event: