In 2024, the DroneShow Robotics exhibition will be held from May 21 to 23 in a new location, at Expo Center Norte – Pavilhão Amarelo, in São Paulo (SP), Brazil, with a business roundtable and an area 50% larger than the previous edition.

“The number of exhibitors at the exhibition is growing and attracting not only companies that manufacture or import drones, on-board technologies and power generators, but also service providers”

comments Emerson Granemann, CEO of MundoGEO

“We also highlight the presence, with stands at the exhibition and in the debates, of regulatory agencies and bodies, such as the National Civil Aviation Agency (ANAC), the Department of Airspace Control (DECEA), in addition to the Ministries of Defense and Agriculture “, adds Granemann.

The Business Roundtable will offer exhibitors the opportunity to participate in pre-scheduled meetings with representatives of industry, government and private companies, potential customers, to present their products and services, increasing the possibility of generating qualified leads and creating partnerships and business .

In 2023, the exhibition attracted 5,700 participants from 33 countries, 120 exhibitors and 150 speakers in 10 courses, 9 workshops, 7 seminars and 4 forums. For the next edition, the expectation is to bring together more than 7 thousand participants from Brazil and abroad. In parallel to DroneShow Robotics, other events will take place: MundoGEO Connect, related to geospatial technologies; SpaceBR Show, about space solutions; and the new Expo eVTOL, focused on ‘flying cars’.

See a summary of the last edition of the event:

2024 exhibition map

List of exhibitors

Check out the latest news on the event websites: DroneShow Robotics, MundoGEO Connect, SpaceBR Show and Expo eVTOL (soon).

Reservations for 2024

To reserve a space at the 2024 exhibition, contact:
WhatsApp 41 99995-9701

Images: Lex Studio