Present in all the most popular social networks, MundoGEO achieves the important milestone of 25,000 “likes” on its Facebook page

MundoGEO, the Latin American leader in integrated solutions for media and communication for the geospatial and location industries, has reached 25,000 fans on its Facebook page last week. Present on Facebook since 2010, MundoGEO shares daily content and curiosities about the geospatial global industry.

Besides its page on Facebook, MundoGEO is also at the most popular social networks of the internet, with more than 50,000 followers. “MundoGEO is proud to be present in many social networks in order to meet the demands and expand its mission, which is to connect the geospatial  community. We have a special team dedicated in managing and interacting on the Web, “says Emerson Granemann, Director of MundoGEO.

Historic milestone on MundoGEO Web Portal

Logo MundoGeo Flecha 2 MundoGEO Achieves 25 Thousand Fans on FacebookAnother very important milestone was recently achieved by MundoGEO. On May 5, MundoGEO Web Portal registered 8,247 unique visitors. “This record is the result of many factors, such as the qualified team that produces a daily basis content and their high production capabilities, but also  MundoGEO wide expansion on social networks, MundoGEO#Connect Conference and Trade Fair and the increasing interest of the society in Geospatial technologies. Anyway, everything has contributed to achieve this very high visitation rate, and certainly this remark of 8.200 visitors will be surpassed in the next few months,” said Eduardo Freitas, editor and coordinator of MundoGEO Web Portal.


GeoConnectPeople MundoGEO Achieves 25 Thousand Fans on FacebookLaunched in 2011, GeoConnectPeople is the global social network for people interested in geospatial solutions. The platform is open to all users and producers of geospatial information who want to create groups and meet fellows in order to share experiences, ask questions and discuss relevant topics. Guided by debates and collaborative construction, GeoConnectPeople is a registered non-profit project, and has already more than 6000 people connected.

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