MundoGEO is pleased to announce to all the community of users, developers and enthusiasts of Drones in Brazil,  that will promote the 1st edition of ExpoDrones Fair. This event will be held simultaneously to MundoGEO#Connect LatinAmerica 2016 in May,  in Sao Paulo.

drone1 300x200 ExpoDrones Fair will be held in May 2016 in BrazilExpoDrones 2016 will feature technical activities such as courses and seminars, which will present about the technology usage and all the posible professional applications that can be employed with data generated by Drones, also known as Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs).

Emerson Granemann, Director of MundoGEO, said that the creation of this new event in 2016 was based on the growing synergy between the geospatial community and the users of Drones. “We hope the Brazillian National Aviation Agency (ANAC in Portuguese) releases the rules for commercial use of Drones, so this will experience an unprecedent growth in Brazil,” he says.

ExpoDrones 2016 will highlight the important applications of the unmanned aircraft for mapping and monitoring, focusing on areas of mining, security, infrastructure, environment, construction, precision agriculture, emergency services, among others. The Fair will showcase the domestic and imported Drones models, so as the intelligence for navigation and the systems for collecting and processing the data.

“The event will also discuss the business models of the future potential applications of Drones, which will certainly revolutionize the entertainment, advertising, journalism, delivery and monitoring services in urban areas,” concludes Granemann.

All information on ExpoDrones 2016 will be available shortly on the website of the event. To contribute and comment on this news, send an e-mail to Emerson Granemann, director of the event:

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ExpoDrones2016 31 600x450 ExpoDrones Fair will be held in May 2016 in Brazil