3461 4580 084317 517951 300x237 IBGE releases up to date version of the National Digital Atlas of Brazil 2017The National Digital Atlas of Brazil 2017 updates the sections ‘Brasil no mundo’ (Brazil in the world) and ‘Sociedade e economia’ (Society and economy) and brings a new section on ‘Cidades Sustentáveis’ (Sustainable Cities). By means of interaction, this publication includes the information comprising the National Atlas of Brazil Milton Santos, published in 2010.

The 2017 edition of the National Digital Atlas of Brazil unveils the deep changes in the Brazilian geography, following up the changes in the occupation of the national territory nowadays. It is structured along four major themes: Brazil in the world; territory and environment; society and economy; and geographic networks.

In addition to text, the Atlas uses maps, tables and graphs to provide a comprehensive match of statistical data and geographic terrain surfaces, making it easier to understand the demographic, social, economic, environmental and cultural diversity of the Brazilian territory.

Click here to see the National Digital Atlas of Brazil 2017.