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February 13th, 2013
17h - 18h | UTC

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NASA World Wind Virtual Globe Technology

The Webinar | Downloads

The Webinar

The ICA-OSGeo Lab Network and MundoGEO are now pleased to inform the fourth webinar of the ”Open Geospatial Science & Applications” webinar series on February 13rd. The webinars will be open and free to all on first come register basis.

This webinar will be on "NASA World Wind Virtual Globe Technology" and also on the Europa Challenge, by: Patrick Hogan, NASA World Wind Project Manager, received his BSc in Geology at University of California, Santa Cruz, and his MSc in Geology at San Jose State; and Maria Antonia Brovelli, Professor of GIS at Politecnico di Milano, has a degree with honours in Physics and a PhD in Geodesy.

NASA World Wind is geobrowser core technology that provides the infrastructure for spatial data as a Software Development Kit (SDK). The Europa Challenge event inspires and challenges Europe's best and brightest for geospatial solutions, organised as cooperation of NASA and Politecnico di Milano.

Attendees will be able to interact with the speakers by sending their comments and questions through chat. All attendees of this web seminar will receive certificates for their participation.