OpenStreetMap, the free and open map of the world that anyone can edit, recently reached a major milestone: 1,000,000 different people have now contributed to the map.

OpenStreetMap was founded in 2004 and this milestone continues the regular growth of users and contributors. Peter Barth of the OpenStreetMap Foundation, which supports the OpenStreetMap project, said “At its core, OpenStreetMap is all about humans sharing knowledge about the places they visit, live and work in. Our fantastic project is only possible thanks to over a million individuals who generously volunteer their time to help others find their way in the world.”

The OpenStreetMap Foundation recently published a blog post about the 1,000,000 contributor achievement:

There are many ways to contribute to OpenStreetMap: new users can sign up and start to map at, or you can learn more at the Beginner’s Guide You can browse the map at

There are local OpenStreetMap communities in many countries and cities that anyone can join to learn more or participate in local projects. There are also projects about specific topics, such as bicycling, transit, humanitarian work, and much more.

OpenStreetMap data is used by hobbyists, local communities, businesses, governments, nonprofit and humanitarian organizations, and many others. Read more at

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