We work to spread knowledge, connect professionals and strengthen ecosystems of GEOLOCATION and DRONES in Latin America. To do so, we create online content and organize events such as the MundoGEO Connect and the DroneShow.

We bring together into the concept of GEOLOCATION various terrestrial, aereal and orbital plataforms of data collecting, as well as the processing, analysis, and sharing of information.

We see DRONES as a disruptive technological plataform of data collecting for many purposes beyond mapping, as for agriculture, infrastructure, enviroment, natural resources, security, professional filming, among others.

We believe in the new solutions and business models created by the integration of GEOLOCATION and DRONES with Artificial Intelligence, Internet of Things, Virtual and Augmented Reality, Big Data, Machine Learning and Autonomous Mobility.

MundoGEO Team:
Emerson Zanon Granemann | CEO and Founder
Eduardo Freitas | Editor and Event Coordinator
Jarbas Raichert Neto | Comercial
Eloísa Stoffel Rosa | Finances
Guilherme Vinícius Vieira | IT
Matheus Brandão Granemann | Latin America

Rua Doutor Nelson Lins d’Albuquerque, 110, Bom Retiro
Curitiba – Paraná – Brasil – CEP 80520-430
Fones: +55 (41) 3338-7789 | (11) 4063-8848
WhatsApp: +55 (41) 999-191-357
email: contato@mundogeo.com