EHang, the Chinese manufacturer of autonomous aerial vehicles, has reached an agreement with the Indonesian aviation company Prestige Aviation for the pre-sale of 100 units of the EH216, an autonomous eVTOL that is in the flight test phase.

The contract was signed during the Indonesia International Motor Show 2022 and is the largest order EHang has received so far for its aircraft.

Prestige Aviation had already ordered a unit of the EH216 and the two companies conducted a five-minute demonstration flight in November 2021 in Bali, Indonesia.

“Indonesia is an archipelagic country with more than 17,000 islands within its borders. Therefore, a new transportation mode that can facilitate inter-island mobility will undoubtedly help regional economies to grow exponentially, assisted by its low cost when compared to other conventional land routes.”

Rudy Salim, CEO of Prestige Aviation.

The EHang EH216 is a two-passenger autonomous eVTOL. With 16 engines, the vehicle can reach 130 km/h and an altitude of 3,000 meters and fly for 35 kilometers. The first flight tests with the aircraft were carried out in 2017.