Vexcel Imaging is excited to present a new and unparalleled motion compensation method – the Adaptive Motion Compensation (AMC). This revolutionary new feature has been introduced exclusively for 4th generation UltraCam aerial sensors.

AMC is an innovative motion compensation approach that in addition to correcting image blur in the direction of flight (the so-called Forward Motion Compensation or FMC) also addresses blur caused by multi-directional camera movements during the flight.

Additionally, AMC compensates for ground sampling distance variations in oblique imagery with fantastic results – through AMC, the 4th generation UltraCam produces imagery of unprecedented vividness and sharpness!

The operating principle is based on using high frequency inertial measurement Unit (IMU) data to record the camera movement during the exposure.

This information is used in a non-blind deconvolution algorithm to calculate a filter kernel which removes the motion inducted image blur, regardless of its direction.

Compared to mechanical FMC implementations, a software-based approach also has the advantage that no moving parts are needed and thus no abrasion exists.

With the introduction of Adaptive Motion Compensation, Vexcel imaging is starting a new chapter in motion compensation. Utilizing this innovative method to successfully compensate for multi-directional motion is a game changer for the industry.

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