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Sony Selects Open Interface North America’s BLUEmagic 3.0 For its PNDs

By MundoGEO | 15h46, 04 de October de 2007

Open Interface North America (OINA), a pioneer in Bluetooth technology and a premier provider of embedded Bluetooth solutions, announced the adoption of its BLUEmagic 3.0 software by Sony Corporation. Sony will use BLUEmagic 3.0 in its new range of slim-line, wide-screen nav-u personal navigation devices – the NV-U93T and NV-U83.

“We are excited to see OINA software integrated in award-winning Sony navigation devices,” says Tom Nault, CEO of Open Interface North America. “The seamless addition of BLUEmagic 3.0 to the NV-U93T and NV-U83 will address the growing consumer demand for hands-free calling while providing manufacturers Bluetooth software that can be ported to a variety of silicon platforms.”

Sony selected OINA’s BLUEmagic 3.0 software to take advantage of its innovative, high-performance, compact architecture, which is designed to diminish the cost of integrating Bluetooth capabilities into embedded systems.

The Sony NV-U93T and NV-U83 nav-u personal navigation systems support hands-free calling when paired with a Bluetooth enabled mobile phone, making staying in touch with friends and family easier and safer while driving. Both models will be available in November 2007 throughout Europe.

BLUEmagic software is a Bluetooth protocol stack for embedded platforms. It is fully-configurable, customizable, resource-efficient, scalable, modular, and portable. It has been integrated into consumer products spanning a diverse range of markets. Today, OINA’s BLUEmagic has been incorporated in to a plethora of devices, including Logitech FreePulse wireless headphones, Citizen Bluetooth watches and Sagem mobile phones.

Source: OINA

FindWhere Has The Ability To Retrieve Missing Assets Every Second

By MundoGEO | 15h44, 04 de October de 2007

Teydo Holding Company, a global leader of precision tracking and location services, recently announced the introduction of FindWhere, real time GPS tracking that processes a location every second, 24 hours a day, seven days a week. FindWhere supports a suite of products such as iFind 2000 and iFind 3000, as well as a range of service solutions in their iFind Mobile and FindWhere applications.

FindWhere uses state-of-the-art location technologies to give people and businesses the security of knowing where. FindWhere’s location solution provides location verification for private investigation, asset monitoring, remote workforce management, insurance, personal safety, and general tracking. Our online solutions are intuitive, enabling more productive and useful experiences for our customers.

A state-of-the-art GPS solution, today FindWhere is the tracking service of choice for more than 18,000 users and tracks well over 200,000 mobile devices.

FindWhere offers a total solution by providing a wireless simcard per device, online activation & log-in, and complete customer support. Its proven service has been running successfully for more than four years. Accurate within two meters, FindWhere is the highest-quality business solution for asset and people tracking. It combines the power of location with integrated global mapping, billing and data messaging to deliver great cost savings, security and peace of mind.

"With FindWhere, every second a location is being processed," says Rob Groot, COO of FindWhere. "This means you no longer have to spend hours wondering where a person or asset is… with FindWhere, you will always know."

FindWhere only works with the most dependable tracking devices on the market. FindWhere tests each of its iFind products to ensure they meet high performance standards and are timely and competitive with today’s most advanced technology.

Source: Wireless Work Force Online

UK: ESRI Launches TrafficFlow to Ease Pressures of Parking Enforcement

By MundoGEO | 15h18, 04 de October de 2007

ESRI (UK), the leading provider of geographically enabled software solutions to local authorities, has announced the launch of TrafficFlow, the first traffic order management system that enables local authorities to manage the entire traffic order process and realise the full benefits brought about by Decriminalised Parking Enforcement (DPE).

Combining world-class GIS software and mobile technology with traffic and transportation expertise from leading transportation consultancy, Faber Maunsell, TrafficFlow is an end-to-end software solution that supports the management of traffic orders throughout their lifecycle from the outset of an initial scheme request through to the enforcement of a traffic penalty and ongoing change management.  TrafficFlow helps local authorities enforce traffic restrictions with confidence through improved accuracy of traffic order information and it will ultimately improve service delivery to its citizens through safer and better managed highways.

The software enables local authority departments, including engineering, legal, and enforcement to work on a single view of a traffic order, thereby avoiding the administrative errors that can arise from weak version control, whilst introducing robust, high quality processes.

By increasing efficiencies of the traffic order process and accuracy in traffic order information, local authorities will have more confidence in upholding parking enforcement penalties and reduce the cost of administration including appeals.

James Thompson, local government strategist of ESRI (UK) comments, “DPE is an opportunity for local authorities, to more effectively manage the whole traffic order lifecycle, to ensure that traffic orders are consistently accurate and as a result, to improve citizen service and help to optimise the R.o.I. on Decriminalised Parking Enforcement.  We anticipate that improving efficiencies of creating and managing traffic orders will result in local authorities reducing labour time spent on the traffic orders by 50 to 70 percent.”

TrafficFlow is based on a single spatial database that uses ESRI (UK)’s GIS technology and built using open standards to enable integration with other corporate applications and systems, including enterprise-wide Geographic Information Systems (GIS).


Decriminalised Parking Enforcement (DPE) is the name given in the United Kingdom to the civil enforcement of car parking regulations.  With DPE in place, the local authority retains the income generated from parking penalties to finance parking enforcement and certain other activities such as local transport measures.

 Road Traffic Act

The Road Traffic Act 1991 permitted local authorities to apply for the legal powers to take over the enforcement of, on-street, as well as off-street, car parking regulations from the police, in return they would be allowed to keep the proceeds. Thus in areas where DPE has been granted, parking offences cease to be criminal offences.

Source: ESRI UK

Aerials Express Releases New Aerial Mapping Software

By MundoGEO | 15h15, 04 de October de 2007

Aerials Express, the leading provider of annually updated aerial imagery of US metropolitan areas, announced the release of ECEY View™ Aerial Mapping Software. ECEY View™ was designed with the look and feel of familiar office software, making it easier to use than other GIS applications. ECEY View™ encourages a more fluid role for aerial imagery within the workplace. Any level of employee within an organization can share results with clients and co-workers via email, prints, flyers, posters, and software presentations.

“We are very excited about our new aerial mapping software, ECEY View™,” stated Aerials Express president, Bill Landis. “We have created a software program that combines ease of use with the functionality of other GIS software programs. ECEY View™, in addition to the vast amount of imagery we have in our collection, sets us apart as a true industry leader.”

“We accomplished our goal of designing ECEY View™ with the user in mind,” explained Luke Pritchard, information technology director. “We wanted the user to be able to spend less time learning the application, and more time mapping.”

ECEY View™, which gets its name from the acronym of the company mission ‘Every City, Every Year™’ is free with the purchase of any Aerials Express imagery package. Learn more about ECEY View™, or download a free copy by visiting ECEY View™ includes the latest street, landmark, parcel, flood, and topographic data, making it a cost effective solution for government, real estate, engineering, and business professionals.

Source: Aerials Express

Spain: Next Courses of Institute of Geomatics

By MundoGEO | 15h02, 04 de October de 2007

The Institute of Geomatics, in Castelldefels, Spain, informs about the next courses.

October, 22 – 26   2007
“Laser Ranging – LIDAR.”
Professor: Peter Friess (Optech Int.)

November, 12 – 16   2007
“Interferometric Synthetic Aperture Radar. Airborne SAR.”
Professors: Ricardo Lanari (IREA-CNR, IT) and Joao Moreira (Orbisat, BR)

These courses of the International Executive M. Sc. in Airborne Photogrammetry and Remote Sensing are also offered to all the people interested in specific training.

The language of the classes is English.

Registration forms and more information about the activities of the Institute of Geomatics on

Google GeoImmersive Imagery Content Licensing Agreement Ends on December

By MundoGEO | 13h51, 04 de October de 2007

Immersive Media Corp. announces the termination of its content license agreement with Google Inc. effective December 27, 2007.

“We’ve had our technology validated and it has been exposed to millions of people which was a key objective when we entered into this agreement,” said Myles M. McGovern, president & CEO, Immersive Media Corp. “Google will retain exclusive rights to content licensed to date for a period of time. However, the termination of this agreement enables IMC to license all of our other imagery to markets that we were previously unable to service.”

IMC will continue its mapping initiative in North America and will scale internationally to meet customer demand. Although IMC may experience some modest decreases in revenues in the short term as a result of the termination of the agreement, in the medium and long term, management of IMC does not anticipate that the termination of the agreement will have a material adverse effect on revenues.

Source: Immersive Media

UK: Infoterra To Provide Flood Event Mapping Service for Insurance Firms

By MundoGEO | 13h49, 04 de October de 2007

Infoterra Ltd, a leader in the provision of geospatial products and services, is to launch a unique flood event mapping service to help UK insurance firms respond quickly to flood events. The new Infoterra service will help insurers to improve their claims validation process, and provide customers with more competitive premiums for homes in ‘at risk’ areas that aren’t ever actually affected by floods.

Using exclusive radar imagery from the recently-launched TerraSAR-X satellite that can see through clouds and storms, Infoterra will provide insurance firms with extremely high resolution radar images that offer accuracy down to just 1 metre to show the full extent of flooding. Infoterra’s geospatial specialists will combine flood mapping from TerraSAR-X with existing aerial imagery and OS MasterMap™ data to create composite images that can clearly show the impact of floods on specific postcodes and properties.

TerraSAR-X’s satellite radar technology is particularly applicable for flood event mapping as it is weather-independent and offers fast revisit times to track the scale of a flood’s rise and fall. For insurance firms it provides extremely accurate flood footprints to help in the estimation of the spatial height and extent of flood damage. Infoterra’s radar images will also support insurance companies in flood modelling and scenario generation, based on the analysis of estimated maximum losses from historic flood data.

“Infoterra Ltd holds the exclusive UK distribution rights for imagery from the TerraSAR-X satellite. Since its launch in June this year it has proved exceptional at capturing events – such as floods – on the earth’s surface,” commented Dr Andy Wells, Director of Sales for Infoterra Ltd. “We believe the combination of TerraSAR-X imagery and our geospatial expertise can provide UK insurance firms with extremely accurate data on flooding, which will prove invaluable given the estimated £3 billion plus of flood claims resulting from the recent flooding earlier this Summer.

“Our flood event mapping service will be the first of a range of different geospatial services that Infoterra will offer using satellite radar imagery from TerraSAR-X,” he continued. “It also clearly demonstrates our expertise in combining the right technologies and data sources with specialist in-house skills. This will create entirely new geospatial services that can deliver real-value in terms of risk management and decision-making support.”

In addition to radar imagery, Infoterra offers accurate height data for both land and properties. This allows the development of highly detailed flood models to improve the definition of risk from both over ground and underground water flows. Infoterra already provides insurance companies with information that has been used to develop models and maps to accurately predict and monitor risks from subsidence and coastal erosion.

A high resolution Infoterra image showing the scale and extent of the River Severn flooding at Tewkesbury in late July this year is available from Email Contact. The image is based on radar imagery from the TerraSAR-X satellite combine with GeoPerspectives aerial photography.

Source: Infoterra

Bentley’s Haestad Methods Selected No. 1 Water Resources Modeling Software

By MundoGEO | 13h47, 04 de October de 2007

Bentley Systems, Incorporated announced that its Haestad Methods product line has been selected as the No. 1 water resources modeling software in a national survey. The survey, commissioned by Bentley, was conducted across the readership of CE News’ Civil Connection, a leading civil engineering newsletter published by ZweigWhite. This follows on the heels of the People’s Choice Award that Bentley’s WaterGEMS product in its Haestad line won at the American Water Works Association Annual Conference and Exposition and is being celebrated by Bentley through special limited-time promotional offers.

The survey asked licensed civil engineering professionals employed by leading consulting engineering, survey, and construction firms and key public works departments, utilities, and municipalities about their software preferences in seven categories of water resources modeling software. Bentley’s Haestad solutions earned the No. 1 position – receiving up to more than three times the top responses of the closest competing products – in the following five categories:

    * Water distribution
    * Transient analysis
    * Wastewater conveyance
    * Stormwater networks
    * General hydraulics

In the detention pond category Intelisolve’s product came in first, and in the floodplain modeling category the Hydrologic Engineering Center’s (HEC’s) product took the top position.

“It’s gratifying to once again have users confirm Bentley’s technology and market leadership as well as the value of Haestad Methods solutions in meeting their needs,” said Charley Ferrucci, vice president, Bentley water asset solutions.

Added Ferrucci, “Though this survey confirms our first-place position among civil engineers, utilities, and municipalities only in the United States, we are also establishing this same leadership globally. Haestad Methods solutions are broadly available around the world, including in some of the fastest-growing economies such as China and India.”

In the survey, Bentley’s WaterCAD, WaterGEMS, HAMMER, SewerCAD, and SewerGEMS products in its Haestad line received more than three times the top responses of their closest competitors, among responses from water utilities and municipalities in the water distribution, transient analysis, and wastewater conveyance categories. Bentley’s StormCAD and CivilStorm topped the stormwater networks category, as did its CulvertMaster and FlowMaster in the general hydraulics category. Bentley’s PondPack came in second in the detention pond analysis category and its HEC-Pack came in third in the floodplain modeling category.

The survey respondents also said that ease of use is their foremost requirement for water resources modeling software, and that they found Bentley’s Haestad Methods products to be the easiest to use. Said Ferrucci, “It comes as no surprise that ease of use is a top priority. Hydraulic modeling is complex by nature and can consume a great deal of an engineer’s time. Our investment in usability improves productivity in all three critical stages of the modeling process: model building and setup, calibration, and results analysis. This means our users can spend more time doing what they know best: engineering.”

Multiplatform interoperability across stand-alone, CAD, and GIS platforms was second in the survey respondents’ list of must-have characteristics. When asked about their use of CAD, GIS, and stand-alone platforms for water resources modeling, 77 percent said they normally use at least two of these platforms simultaneously.

In explaining the critical importance of multiplatform interoperability to water resources projects, Thomas Walski, senior product manager for Bentley water products, said, “All of these projects require collaboration among people from different disciplines with preferences for different work environments.

“With our level of multiplatform interoperability, models work together no matter what platform they were created in; people work collaboratively, each in his or her preferred environment; and organizations work more efficiently by leveraging the skills of their specialists and their investments in technology. Moreover, there are no translation errors to contend with.”

Walski continued, “On the other hand, organizations that choose a less interoperable platform are often forced to buy additional licenses of ArcGIS or AutoCAD just to run the model, to train modeling team members that are not familiar with the selected platform, and to deal with translation errors that increase costs and hamper project schedules.”

To celebrate Haestad Methods solutions being selected as the No. 1 water resources modeling software, Bentley is offering, for a limited time, a 20 percent license-fee discount on all of the “No. 1 products” in its Haestad line. To learn more about this special promotion, visit

To view the complete survey results, visit

Soruce: Bentley

Kansas: Department of Transportation Selects GeoDecisions for Strategic Plan

By MundoGEO | 13h44, 04 de October de 2007

GeoDecisions, an information technology company specializing in geospatial solutions, was selected by the Kansas Department of Transportation (KDOT) to develop a data warehouse strategic plan.

GeoDecisions’ strategic plan will provide a guide for planning and budgeting the ongoing development of KDOT’s official repository of roadway and business data, such as traffic volumes, highway characteristics, accident information, and construction project financial data.

Additionally, the plan will outline how data warehousing can be better integrated into existing management systems to support data integration, safety analysis, road network analysis, business intelligence, performance management, and intelligent transportation system support, as well as providing a platform for making information more accessible.  KDOT’s data warehouse will become the definitive decision support information source for the majority of its operational data.

GeoDecisions has previously prepared enterprise strategic plans for several departments of transportation, including Pennsylvania, Ohio, Nebraska, South Dakota, and Montana.

GeoDecisions’ experienced staff of professional consultants, analysts, and developers supports clients across the United States. Fundamental to the company’s award-winning approach is the integration of spatial information to empower existing systems and processes. GeoDecisions’ philosophy is based on an enterprisewide approach to the integration of diverse information technologies, data formats, and systems.

Source: GeoDecisions

Multimap and Carbon Clear to Help Drivers Reduce Their Carbon Footprints

By MundoGEO | 13h43, 04 de October de 2007

Multimap, Europe’s leading online mapping service provider, has enhanced its travel directions service to offer users information about the carbon footprint of journeys, as well as the ability to offset those journeys.

The service is provided through a partnership with Carbon Clear, a leading carbon management company that helps businesses and consumers manage their greenhouse gas emissions.

To use the carbon calculator, Multimap users click the “get directions” link on, enter their journeys’ start and end points, click “find”, and are presented with step-by-step directions and route maps. The directions results now include information on the carbon footprint of the journey. A pull-down menu allows users to choose the correct engine size of their cars, and to compare the carbon footprint of the journey if they were to go by bus or train instead of driving. Users clicking on the “more info” link will find details of how the carbon footprint is calculated, and can visit the Carbon Clear website to take action to offset their journeys.

Multimap’s founder Sean Phelan, said, “We all know that driving has a negative effect on the environment. We’ve partnered with Carbon Clear to help raise users’ awareness of the impact of driving, and also to make it easier to offset the carbon emissions of those journeys. Carbon Clear invests in carbon-reducing projects that balance the greenhouse gas emissions from vehicles, and we’re very pleased to support this work.”

Mark Chadwick, CEO and founder of Carbon Clear, added: “We’re really excited to be working together on this initiative. There is a real opportunity here to encourage behaviour change as so many people use Multimap to plan their journeys. It’s really important that we all understand the environmental impact of our travel. By using this innovative new tool everyone can get a much clearer picture of vehicle emissions and choose the lower-carbon option”.

Source: Multimap

Google Launches Global Cleanup Weekend With Google Maps

By MundoGEO | 13h41, 04 de October de 2007

Google has today teamed up with dozens of community action organizations around the world to coordinate an International Cleanup Weekend on October 13-14th. Originally started as an internal Google project to encourage Googlers to cleanup their local beaches, parks, and trails close to home and to share their progress using My Maps, the initiative is now being launched publicly in coordination with community action organizations in fifteen countries. In the United States, Google has partnered with Keep America Beautiful,, the Sierra Club, Americorps, and the Student Conservation Alliance in an effort to demonstrate how local cleanup efforts can collectively foster community awareness of the environment at large.

To coordinate and document this global initiative, participants are encouraged to create and submit maps of their intended cleanup areas in Google Maps. Instructions on how to get started are here: So far more than 100 cleanup maps have been created by Googlers chronicling the areas they intend to pick-up with friends and family.

For more information please see this post on the Google Blog at:

Source: Google

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