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Explorer for ArcGIS brings GIS to the Mac

By Izabela Prates | 18h00, 14 de July de 2014

Esri released Explorer for ArcGIS on the Mac, a native OS X application to discover, view, and share maps. The ready-to-use app joins Esri’s family of mapping apps, including Collector for ArcGIS, Dashboard for ArcGIS, and Explorer for ArcGIS on iOS. It can be downloaded from the Mac App Store and Esri ArcGIS Marketplace.

Explorer for ArcGIS Explorer for ArcGIS brings GIS to the Mac

Explorer for ArcGIS is now available for Apple users who want to discover, use, and share maps from their Mac desktops.

With Explorer for ArcGIS, you can access maps, search for and visualize data, and brief stakeholders. In the new Mac version, you also have the ability to open and view multiple maps at once, dock and undock pop-up windows, and go full screen—taking advantage of Apple’s Retina technology on MacBook and Thunderbolt displays.

Explorer for ArcGIS is one of many ready-to-use apps to access maps authored by you or others within your organization, and share them from Macs or iOS devices. The app is designed for anyone who needs to explore data in a geographic context and use maps to make more informed decisions. With an elegant and intuitive interface, it requires no GIS experience to operate.

Anyone using a Mac desktop or iOS device can download and try the sample maps included in the app. ArcGIS Online subscribers, trial users, and those with a Portal for ArcGIS account can simply download the app, sign in, and begin exploring their maps and data. An Android version of the Explorer for ArcGIS app will be available in a later release.

For more information on Explorer for ArcGIS, visit esri.com/explorer.

Source: ESRI

LizardTech announces GeoGofer

By Izabela Prates | 17h00, 14 de July de 2014

LizardTech®, a provider of software solutions for managing and distributing geospatial content, is announcing the newest addition to its product line at the 2014 Esri International User Conference this week. The conference takes place in San Diego, Calif. where LizardTech will give a sneak peak of its new product, GeoGofer, in booth #1516. LizardTech GeoGofer is a software solution for finding geospatial imagery quickly and efficiently and will be available later this summer for only $250.00.

GeoGofer was designed to streamline the process of finding, organizing, and tracking geospatial imagery. GeoGofer comes with powerful search and filter features to find imagery by keyword, by projection, by file format and more. GeoGofer LizardTech announces GeoGofer

With GeoGofer, users can browse all of their imagery on a single map, tag images for later use, and perform powerful queries using simple tools. Users can search by modification date, by number of bands, or by resolution to find the imagery they need—when they need it.

GeoGofer integrates fully with trusted Esri technology. GeoGofer uses an existing ArcGIS Online subscription to store and query image information. Additionally, if users have ArcMap installed on the same machine that runs GeoGofer, they can open images directly in ArcMap.

“Our customers will never again have to struggle to find their geospatial images,” said Jon Skiffington, Director of Product Management. “We will conduct demos of GeoGofer at the Esri User Conference this week, and we welcome users to stop by our booth, #1516, to find out how GeoGofer can simplify their geospatial workflow.”
Those interested in GeoGofer can enter their names at www.lizardtech.com/geogofer to be notified of the product launch later this summer.

About GeoGofer

Where in the world is your imagery? With LizardTech GeoGofer, you can use powerful search and filter features to find imagery by keyword, by projection, by file format and more. Organize your imagery in a way that makes sense to you with user-defined tags, or browse all your imagery on a single map. More product information can be found at www.lizardtech.com/geogofer.

About LizardTech

Since 1992, LizardTech has delivered state-of-the-art software products for managing and distributing massive, high-resolution geospatial data such as aerial and satellite imagery and LiDAR data. LizardTech pioneered the MrSID technology, a powerful wavelet-based image encoder, viewer, and file format. LizardTech has offices in Seattle, Denver, London and Tokyo. For more information about LizardTech, visit www.lizardtech.com.

Cadaster of water networks using GIS/GNSS technologies in Brazil

By Izabela Prates | 13h39, 14 de July de 2014

The DMAE (Water and Sewer Department) from the city of Porto Alegre/RS – Brazil, implemented recently a GIS/GNSS (Global Navigation Satellite System) solution package that allows the field teams to perform asset collection and inventories for the networks and consumers, with higher precision.

The Water and Sewer Department (DMAE), it is the responsible agency for caption, treatment and distribution of water, and also the collection and treatment of sanitary sewer in Porto Alegre city. It is DMAE’s responsibility to oversee and maintain these services, besides planning and promoting, in a steadily way, all network’s improvement and expansion, to guarantee the necessary infrastructure for the sustainable growth of the city.  Leica Porto Alegre2 Cadaster of water networks using GIS/GNSS technologies in Brazil

Currently, 100% of the population of Porto Alegre are supplied with treated water and 87 7% of the population have available the sewage collection service. The DMAE has the capacity to manage up to 80% of the sewer produced in the city. The resident population in non-regular lots is attended by social programs.

Registration of networks and consumers using Mobile GIS tools

“The registration of water networks and sewer along with all elements are very important for us to know the existing structure, project improvements, perform preventive maintenance, register new networks, aiming to increase revenues and in emergency situations make the right decision in a shorter amount of time. Using the Leica Zeno 10 together with the reference station Leica GR25, we managed to replace the traditional form of cadastral survey. We dismissed the use of a tape and clipboard for drawing the sketches combined with a conventional GPS to collect position, says the responsible DMAE engineer, Fernando André Neuwald.

The workflow consists primarily of creating a project in Zeno Office in the office, where all layers are defined and also the corresponding attributes. Background information is also added (eg existing network, satellite images). To finalize the process of creating the project, the same is exported to the field controller and after the field data collection, the data is returned to the office for processing.

The use of a reference station allows all mobile devices to receive real-time positioning correction using NTRIP (Networked Transport of RTCM via Internet Protocol), also allowing the use of data from the base station for post processing the data from mobile units, in situations where there isn’t a data connection available. The GNSS devices work with both GPS and GLONASS systems, enabling work with less than 50 cm accuracy. The field work is usually carried out under difficult environmental conditions, so the selection of durable equipment to support temperature variations and especially water protection is of extreme importance.

For more information about the GIS/GNSS technologies from Leica Geosystems, please visit the Leica Geosystems’ website (www.leica-geosystems.com.br) or get in contact with Camila Silva (camila.silva@leica-geosystems.com.br), or with Ricardo Serrato (ricardo@manfra.com.br).

India Lingaraj College selects SuperPad for precise data collection

By Izabela Prates | 13h15, 14 de July de 2014

Supergeo Technologies, a leading global provider of GIS software and solutions, announced that Lingaraj College of K.L.E. Society in India selects SuperPad 3.1a to enhance geospatial data collecting efficiency and encourage non-GIS major students to learn the spatial technologies to apply to their study.

K.L.E. Society was founded in 1916 to provide education for the children of farming community in Karnataka state. Today, its strong network spreads in 228 educational institutes for almost 90,000 students. Lingaraj College has several courses cross different domains, like art, history, commerce, business and communication.

superpad India Lingaraj College selects SuperPad for precise data collection

SuperPad assists you in saving time and increasing data accuracy.

SuperPad 3.1a is the professional GIS data capture application which designed for Windows Mobile users to increase their field work efficiency. With SuperPad, the users in Lingaraj College can efficiently collect and update spatial data to supply accurate evidence for their researches.

Also, SBAS (Satellite-based augmentation system) signal display is supported in SuperPad 3.1a. With the SBAS support, the accuracy of captured data could be within 1 meter, so that the users can get more precise result when using GPS to position and collect data, also may save time from post-processing.

SuperPad 3.1a can not only help the researchers to elevate their research quality, but also assist the students who are not GIS related majors in using the easiest way to record geospatial data to benefit their study and future work, and inspire them to do cross-domain applications.

Learn more about SuperPad

SuperPad cross-platform application – Agriculture Field Survey System

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