12 300x202 Latest SuperGIS Desktop 10 Release Provides a Smoother ExperienceEquipping with versatile GIS tools, the SuperGIS Desktop 10 developed by Supergeo enables its users to display, edit, manage, query, and analyze geospatial data. It is a standalone, multifunctional, and affordable desktop GIS platform that enables professionals from different industries to accomplish their works in a more efficient way.

Recently, Supergeo has released a new update of SuperGIS Desktop 10 with several following adjustments. First, to ensure the optimal user experience in all display resolutions, the interface has been improved to fit several specified resolutions. Furthermore, this latest version has a stronger capability to process data stored as tables. Now, SuperGIS Desktop 10 can directly access and use the result processed by the functions of Microsoft Office Excel. Lastly, the add-on for web GIS application- Cache Generator has also been adjusted to make it have a better integration with online maps.

In the next release, SuperGIS Desktop 10 will support more file formats that are frequently used in the geospatial industry, including SQLite DB and GeoJSON. GeoJSON is the format widely used in various Open Data projects, and now it can be imported into SuperGIS Desktop with ease while SQLite DB is a new database standard gaining popularity in GIS industry. These two features are now in testing stage and will be released shortly.


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