The theme for the GeoWeb 2008 conference is Infrastructure: Local to Global. This implies the GeoWeb has a local or community dimension as well as a global one – that the integration of local infrastructures will give rise to a global infrastructure – that global aggregators will drive the creation of local infrastructures. 

To advance the development of the GeoWeb, the Connference is sponsoring a contest, which is open to all full time students attending an educational institution anywhere in the world.  The objective of the contest is to materially advance the development of the GeoWeb with either:

– A theoretical solution or
– A piece of software (All software must be open source and free of any royalties or other encumbrances)

Contest Submittals
Students must register at by Friday, April 2nd, 2008.

Contest Requirements
Contest entrants will be required to complete a registration form verifying their status as full time students and these details will be verified before any award is granted.

Please note that any costs associated with the submittal for this contest is at the expense of the student.

Selection Process
The selection of the contest winner(s) will be made by a GeoWeb committee consisting of leading figures in the GIS industry and will be notified by Friday, April 27th, 2008. 

Winners of the contest will be brought to the GeoWeb 2008 conference in Vancouver, Canada, and all legitimate expenses* will be paid by the contest supporters. A cash honorarium will also be provided.

*The contest supporters will arrange transportation to/from Vancouver, lodging and meals while in Vancouver, however reserve the right to refuse any expenses they believe are unreasonable.