Geosparc, the company professionally supporting the open source GIS development software Geomajas, unveiled Geomajas 1.9, the new version of its web and cloud based GIS software framework. At the same time the company announces the availability of no less than 17 plug-ins including plug-ins for: Caching, OpenStreetMap Layer, WMS Layer, Hibernate Layer, Advanced Printing and many more.

Geomajas is fast becoming the software tool of choice of many developers from governments and different industries to build scalable, powerful and secure web and cloud based GIS applications. The main reasons governments and industries select Geomajas are time saving (build apps in days instead of months), ease of deployment via a simple browser, very fast build up of maps (even when multiple users are working on it), strong security features, strong back-office integration features and the possibility to integrate advanced business logic. All that in just one software framework.

Geosparc demonstrated Geomajas 1.9 and numerous GIS applications built with Geomajas at Foss4G, the global conference focused on Free and Open Source Software for Geospatial (12-16 September, Denver – US). Key members of its development team presented a workshop and no less than 3 technology sessions at the conference.

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