Urisa is pleased to announce the new members of its Vanguard Cabinet. The Vanguard Cabinet (VC) is a Urisa initiative to engage young GIS practitioners, increase their numbers in the organization, and better understand the concerns facing these future leaders of the GIS community.

The VC is an advisory board made up of Urisa young professionals who represent the young membership of the organization.  The Cabinet’s mission is to collaborate with Urisa’s Board of Directors and Committees in creating and promoting programs and policies of benefit to young professionals.

Comprised entirely of passionate young members selected from different geospatial disciplines, the Cabinet aims to position Urisa as the center of opportunities for creative young professionals who are committed to improving Urisa and the geospatial profession via innovation, collaboration, networking, and professional development.

Six new members were named following the 2012 application process. The VC is pleased to welcome:

– Ryan Elizabeth Bowe – Lexington, Kentucky
– Bill Craft – Gardner, Kansas
– Erik Endrulat – Salem, Oregon
– Lou Manglass – Winterville, Georgia
– Diana Maties – Chicago, Illinois
– Reed Tomlinson – Chattanooga, Tennessee

They join the inaugural members of the Vanguard Cabinet who were announced one year ago:

– Ashley Coby – Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
– Rachel Kornak – Ann Arbor, Michigan
– Ashley Littell – Bowling Green, Kentucky
– Carlos Silva – Richmond, British Columbia
– Jennifer Weisser – Dayton, Ohio

Each VC member serves a two-year appointment. The application for 2013 VC membership will be available in November 2012.