Upvision, a UAS company in the Czech Republic, carried out a mapping project last month of the landslide on a highway under construction for geological survey in their home country. With a UAV the company completed monitoring the landslide at highway D8. The slope landslide buried the D8 highway under construction in June 2013, after heavy rains in Litochovice village, nearby the Litomerice city.

Highway D8 has to connect Prague with north-west Czech agglomerations and Saxony in Germany. About the route through the Czech Central Mountains are disputes since the 90s years. Meanwhile, vehicular traffic to Germany thickened, that the both detours through Usti nad Labem and Teplice cities, passes for 10,000 cars a day.

In addition to classic aerial photographs and aerial video of the landslide, to real overview of the current situation, was also conducted mapping flight by unmanned aerial vehicle, during which a whole location was mapped near the landslide, including the adjacent quarry.
The collected data was created in the image resolution orthophotomap 7 cm/pixel , digital surface model as a point cloud and 3D model.

These complex data visualisation in addition to the actual space can be used for technical applications, such as vectorisation in the range of digital maps, the landslide volume calculations , terrain profiles , point clouds in high definition, but also as a basis for the actual geological surveys, etc.

All this can be obtained from one short flight unmanned aerial composition which is dispensed into the air directly to the destination and within one hour of the field work done, said Jakub Karas, UAS manager at Upvision.