Trimble Announces New MyTopo Terrain Navigator Pro Enterprise Field Data Collection and Collaboration System

announced the availability of MyTopo Terrain Navigator Pro Enterprise (TNPe), a GIS application designed to facilitate collaboration and position sharing in the field.

“TNPe is designed to be deployed during large-scale search and rescue operations, environmental cleanups and multi-state conservation projects with teams using their mobile devices to collect and visualize data. TNPe synthesizes and displays collected data to speed in-the-field decision-making and creates a digital record of all field activity,” said Larry Fox, business area manager for Terrain Navigator Pro.

TNPe seamlessly integrates powerful desktop mapping software, a cloud connected mobile data collection platform (compatible with GPS-enabled iOS and Android devices) and a robust Web portal. TNPe users can plan projects in the office, collect data in the field and access projects from the Web—simultaneously. Geo-referenced data such as tracks, waypoints, photographs and video can be shared, updated in near real-time and displayed on the included topographic, aerial/satellite or street base maps. Individual team members are permitted to view and manipulate data, and to locate fellow team members in the field or from the office.

During search and rescue operations, one challenge is the need to quickly gather reconnaissance information on safe entry points, search targets, and existing hazards in preparation for a large-scale deployment of personnel into the field.  The information gathered by the initial responders allows organizations to assure that resources are deployed to minimize danger to rescuers and speed recovery of victims.

“TNPe allows us to recon an area with pictures, notes and geo-locations of points of interest. The information flows back to our planning team in near real-time, allowing a Tactical Action Plan (TAP) to be started while the Recon team is still out. The TNPe solution shortens the time it takes to safely deploy search teams. This can most definitely help save lives,” explained Brad J. Klemek, communications specialist, Urban Search and Rescue, California Task Force 3, who tested TNPe during training exercises conducted in Alaska last month. “The software then combines the field data from the entire search effort to create the best historical record of operations I have even seen. TNPe is a game changer for us,” added Klemek.

The TNPe system was developed by MyTopo, a Trimble Company. Terrain Navigator Pro is an award-winning product, and was one of the first widely deployed desktop mapping software products on the market. Today, the product serves a predominately professional market. It has specialized in providing authentic USGS topographic maps combined with easy-to-use mapping tools. The software includes access to a library dating back to 2003 of high-resolution aerial photography and allows users to export and import into popular GIS and CAD systems.

The TNPe base price is US$1,299. TNPe includes 2 Windows desktop clients and 10 mobile/Web users combined with USGS topographic maps and aerial photos for the state purchased. TNPe can be scaled to meet multi-user, multi-state operations. To learn more or purchase, visit: or call 877-587-9004.