Trimble Geospatial is pleased to announce a new version of the Trimble® eCognition® software suite. eCognition Suite 9.1 offers additional workflows to increase efficiency and quality of deliverables for Remote Sensing and GIS experts. This release includes capabilities to more efficiently generate intelligence from images and point clouds acquired by aerial, space borne, UAS-based or mobile mapping platforms.

Some of the new functionality includes:

•Multi-core processing to reduce production bottlenecks
•More efficient use of GIS-Data
•Improved handling of ground truth data for supervised classification
•Easier packaging and installation of customized eCognition applications
•Advanced support of mobile mapping data

Back in March 2014, eCognition Suite 9.0 introduced computer vision-based object detection capabilities, which complemented the existing knowledge-based and supervised classification modules.

The eCognition 9.1 software suite is available now. Please refer to the What’s New Section of our website.

eCognition Suite 9.1 is available now through Trimble’s eCognition distribution channels.

More Information

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Source: GeoCommunity