During the shutdown for inspection and maintenance of a petrochemical plant, DRONESAPPS performed inspections of all the BOILER extension and its HEAT EXCHANGERS MIRROR AND PIPES.

Approximately 30 meters of pipes were inspected, with an average diameter of 1.6 meters in a metallic environment, separated in 4 sections, with ascents and descents, from the point of departure, also two Mirrors of Heat Exchanger, with an area of 15.2 m2 each, in metallic environment.

The remote inspections made by Drone allowed that the maintenance team knew the internal conditions of the equipment with total safety, outside the equipment, entering already with the knowledge of the problem solution scope and its location in real time of the inspection, besides in time of experts’ analysis that resulted in the identification of issues at the internal parts, such as oxidation points, oxides impregnation and soot deposits, as well as, the temperature sensor localization (PT-100), the auxiliary pipe and butterfly valve, which all were duly evidenced in the Images and videos made on the respective inspection flights.

The temperature spectrum in the piping environment was recorded too. Due to the remote visual inspections carried out, no relevant defects or non-conformities in the indicated equipment were evidenced, which resulted in the definition of non-maintenance necessity, enabling the planning of future actions with speed, safety and low cost.

The Business Case numbers of Drones usability regarding to Scaffolding and / or Rapel technologies were disruptive, generating 89% of savings, 80% of stopped time reduction, and 90% of inspection time reduction.

The immediate impacts were innovative and the benefits are: elimination of risks to human safety; reduction of equipment downtime; reduction of the inspection and maintenance costs; decrease of the impact of stopping equipment on the cost of production; systemic management of information produced; qualification of the service with increase of the productivity and reduction of the operational and managerial costs; and Increased of the profitability.

Image: DronesApps