Septentrio, a leader in high-precision GNSS* positioning solutions, starts offering post-processing solutions for its GNSS/INS (Inertial Navigation System) receivers. Land or aerial mapping applications, which do not have access to real-time GNSS corrections, benefit from post-processing software for higher positioning and orientation (heading, pitch and roll) accuracy.

With the addition of post-processing, Septentrio GNSS/INS products seamlessly cover the full mapping workflow.  The AsteRx-i3 Pro+ receivers are fully compatible with Qinertia post-processing software, so no data manipulation is required before the post-processing step.

“As a result of our cooperation with SBG Systems, Septentrio’s mapping customers who use GNSS/INS are benefitting from a quicker and more reliable workflow. The intuitive user interface of Qinertia software makes it easy for users to further improve their positioning and orientation accuracy in the post-processing step,” said Danilo Sabbatini, Product Manager at Septentrio.

In case of GNSS outage or correction link failure, post-processing recovers accuracy for recorded positioning and inertial data. For more information about Septentrio and their GNSS/INS solutions please visit or contact Septentrio.

* Global Navigation Satellite System including the American GPS, European Galileo, Russian GLONASS, Chinese BeiDou, Japan’s QZSS and India’s NavIC. These satellite constellations broadcast positioning information to receivers which use it to calculate their absolute position.