The job market for anybody who intends to work in the space sector is increasingly open and with more professional opportunities, specially for aerospace engineers. That trend is one of the subjects which will guide the debates of the first edition of SpaceBR Show, a 100% online and free of charge event that is going to take place between November 8th and 12th. The meeting was conceived and organized by MundoGEO; it counts on the strategic support of the Brazilian Space Agency (AEB) and it will gather more than 50 speakers from Brazil and other countries. See the full programme schedule and register at the following link:

Today, Brazil has seven public colleges offering degrees in Aerospace Engineering. It is a considerable advance, considering that short time ago, only the Aeronautical Technological Institute (ITA) offered that degree. It’s also an answer to the increasing demand for qualified professionals in this area of high technology.

The same way that the Brazilian aeronautical sector has developed and became a reference in the whole world with Embraer and other companies, the expectation is that for the following years there will be a similar consolidation in the Brazilian space segment. That happens because there are more players in this market, specially with a more active participation from the private initiative.

An aspect which will be discussed during the SpaceBR Show is the arrival of regional hubs for companies and startups of the space sector, besides the already traditional center in São José dos Campos; and how it can foster the space sector. That way, for instance, there is the Santa Catarina Center of Convergence for Aerospace Technologies (SC2C.Aero), created in 2017 at the Federal University of Santa Catarina (UFSC).

“It’s important to highlight that the professional opportunities in the space sector are not only limited for graduates in specific courses. The transversality of functions in the space area echoes in other economy sectors and directly or indirectly influences other occupations” , states the CEO of MundoGEO, Emerson Granemann.

SpaceBR Show will debate the aspects of the growing space market in Brazil with the presence of university representatives, technological parks, private companies and governmental bodies.

The first edition of SpaceBR Show is going to be 100% online due to the COVID-19 pandemic. In 2022, the event is going to take place in São Paulo, in hybrid format (in-person and online).


What: SpaceBR Show – 1st edition
When: November 8th to 12th, 2021
Where: 100% online
Investment: Free of charge
Registration and full programme schedule:

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