Berlin-based location intelligence startup Targomo is in the midst an international expansion of its location analytics platform. Users now have access to information on locations in a total of 24 countries, seven of them outside Europe, and including the US.

Last year, Targomo relaunched a retail-optimized version of its TargomoLOOP platform with data for Germany, Austria and Switzerland. “From the beginning, we designed our platform for global use,” says Henning Hollburg, founder and CEO of Targomo. “The huge demand from customers has surprised us and is fueling the growth of our platform, where we have now integrated more than 350 data sets – and more are being added every week.” 

Much of Targomo’s expansion success is driven by German-based customers who are also taking advantage of the analytics platform in their international expansion, whether in retail, quick commerce, or planning for gyms, restaurant chains, and Ghost Kitchens.

The analytics platform is also successfully used in the health and beauty sector. Fabian Zimmermann, Teamlead Retail Management & Expansion at DrSmile, says:

“We use TargomoLOOP to optimize our network as well as for expansion. We can use reliable data sets and discover new areas to set up new partnerships”

The dental care startup distributes its invisible aligners through a network of partner dentists and now also uses TargomoLOOP in France, Spain and Italy.

TargomoLOOP is an AI-powered location network analytics platform. The analyses are based upon precise travel time calculations, which are combined with socio-demographic statistics, movement data, point-of-interest (POI) data and geo-related company data. By pulling in a full range of business relevant datapoints and linking them directly to mobility patterns, the platform helps companies identify success factors and quickly make data-based location decisions. 

“TargomoLOOP allows us to plan our locations much more effectively and quickly. We used to spend weeks researching, now we can make decisions in a matter of days”

reports Luukas Castren, Head of Expansion at Finnish Ghost Kitchen provider Huuva

Those who want to see the platform and data in action can can book a live demo here.