The CHCNAV NX510 SE automated steering system was launched in 2021 and has been well-received by the market in Europe. It has been praised by local farmers for its highly accuracy and flexibility in that it can be installed on various types of tractors.

Based on the feedback from the market, we collected several questions that farmers are most concerned about and gave answer to each of them.

1 – How complicated is the installation of the auto-steering system on the tractor?

The greatest advantage of the NX510 SE is that it can be installed in almost any type of tractor. For example, NX510 SE has already installed in John Deere, Massey Ferguson, Landini and a Krone BigM mower. Installation usually takes 40 minutes; including training, it takes no more than 5-6 hours. The cables of the auto-steering system can be completely hidden, so the final system will look like a factory installation.

2 – What are the system’s built-in connections and what is it compatible with?

The system has several built-in CAN ports, serial ports, Bluetooth and Wi-Fi, a built-in 4G and UHF radio modem. It is ISOBUS compatible, so it communicates with all major equipment brands.

3 – Is there an opportunity to try the NX510 SE to evaluate its performance?

Yes, there are trial opportunities, and our distributors have their demo tractor where farmers can come and try the system in person and see how it works. We encourage everyone to take advantage of this test drive to see how the steering system works in practice, how easy it is to use and how handy it is. We provide all the information and support needed to make the system work for the farmer and operate with maximum efficiency in the existing tractor.

4 – To which users and farms we would recommend the CHCNAV NX510 automated steering system?

The NX510 is very well positioned in the domestic market in terms of price/performance ratio, as it is a mid-priced system with high technological specifications. We would definitely recommend it to small farms because experience has shown that this system pays for itself very quickly, not to mention that it makes work much more comfortable for the machine operators (who are commonly the farmers themselves). In this case, with an automated steering system, they can pay more attention to the machine and certainly be less tired at the end of the day.

The display meets today’s top requirements with a large screen displaying the work area in the same level as other world-class brands and is convenient to use and quick to learn. The display is designed with a drop-proof, dust-proof and shock-proof cover (IP65 standard).

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