The global agriculture autonomous robots market, valued at USD 3.92 billion in 2021, is expected to reach USD 10.5 billion in 2027. This is what points out at the Agriculture Autonomous Robots Market – A Global and Regional Analysis: Focus Product and Application, Supply Chain Analysis, and Country Analysis – Analysis and Forecast, 2022-2027 report, conducted by the consulting firm ResearchAndMarkets.

According to the study, this segment of autonomous mobile robots is expected to grow at an annual rate of 19.16% in the period between 2022 and 2027, mainly driven by the increased demand for food and the growing need for precision, digital, and smart agriculture practices.

Even though the segment of autonomous robots in agriculture is still at an early stage, the development of technologies and products has increased in recent years, mainly due to the search for automation in the sector.

“Increasing investment in smart agriculture is one of the major opportunities in the global agriculture autonomous robots market. Moreover, agriculture autonomous robot technologies also help in reducing crop losses due to undetected pest infestation and diseases. The agriculture autonomous robots also facilitate the safe and quality harvesting and picking of crops including fruits and vegetables”, says the report.

Today, the top segment players leading the market include crop monitoring and dairy farm management, which capture around 65% of the presence in the market. Players in other technologies, such as inventory management, and harvesting and picking, account for approximately 35% of the presence in the market, as of 2021.

The North American market generated the highest revenue in this segment in 2021: USD 1.33 billion. This amount is mainly due to research and development programs for new technologies and supporting government regulations in the region.

According to the survey, Europe also stands out due to the availability of technology in various segments of agriculture in the region, with the investment of large companies. An example is the joint venture between the Germans Bosch and Basf to develop technologies in the agro sector.