eVTOLs, electric vertical take-off and landing vehicles, should offer applications in the future that go far beyond passenger transport. Despite being the main niche to be explored in the coming years by operators, it is not the only one. Among the various possibilities that these aircraft can provide are Emergency Medical Services (EMS).

It is not by chance that there are important players, both in the eVTOLs manufacturing segment and in medical service providers, that are attentive and working together to offer efficient and safe solutions in emergency missions.

In this regard, Vertical Aerospace and Babcock International have entered into a partnership to explore the EMS capability of the eVTOL VX4 that Vertical is developing. Initially designed for air taxi, the aircraft could be adapted for EMS applications.

To assist in the development of the solution, Babcock will draw on more than 30 years of experience in the EMS industry, especially operating medical services aboard helicopters. Today, the company is the UK’s largest operator of medical emergency helicopters.

By reducing the medical response time, Babcock not only saves lives, but also significantly minimises the long-term effects of injuries. This will include reviewing how to use the VX4 in vital services such as attending accidents and providing emergency transport between hospitals.

The partnership will also see the two companies working on the development of modular MRO capabilities to maximise availability and enable cost effective maintenance of the VX4 in service. Leveraging Babcock’s experience in the defence industry, the partnership will also explore how the eVTOL concept may be expanded in the future to support the armed forces with medium range logistics delivery and casualty evacuation services.

“Climate change is the greatest challenge of our time. As with all other areas, the emergency services and logistics sectors must respond and adapt. I am delighted that Vertical Aerospace will be able support Babcock, a trusted provider of emergency response services, in their efforts to decarbonise their operations.”

Stephen Fitzpatrick, founder and CEO of Vertical Aerospace.