ICEYE, a Finnish company specialized in satellite monitoring with SAR technology, signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with the Brazilian company Orbital Engenharia, which operates in the development and supply of solutions and equipment for the Defense and Space area. The signing took place during LAAD Defense & Security.

If the partnership materializes, Orbital Engenharia could become part of ICEYE’s global supply chain, notably in the field of subsystems, one of the specialties of the Brazilian company.

“ICEYE’s commitment to Brazil is evident and we want to bring global opportunities for insertion in the New Space segment to the region. We are in a phase of exponential growth and for us there is no better way to introduce Brazilian components in our technology”, said ICEYE’s Vice President for Latin America, Ana Paula Cordeiro.

This first step, represented by the signing of the MoU, reflects the vision shared by ICEYE and Orbital Engenharia of overcoming the challenges of inserting the Brazilian space industry in the New Space segment.

“This exciting partnership prospect for global collaboration in the provision of space technologies will enable an unprecedented advance for the Brazilian space industry in the space market. The strategic partnership with ICEYE, a company that has a relevant technological innovation portfolio worldwide, will bring direct benefits to our country and its users”, said the president of Orbital Engenharia, Célio Vaz.