The new CHCNAV i93 GNSS receiver simplifies point measurement with innovative visual positioning and facilitates surveying in hard-to-reach or hazardous areas.

Additionally, the i93 can be used to complement aerial surveys generated from oblique images with ground-based images, with data that is fully compatible with popular 3D modeling software.

The i93 takes GNSS surveying to the next level by merging the best of GNSS, IMU and 3D imagery into a single antenna. The i93 GNSS gives you the best of IMU-RTK performance with the added benefit of 3D Visual Surveying.

  • The i93 GNSS receiver combines CHCNAV’s proprietary iStar technology with an integrated 1408-channel RF-SoC processor that improves GNSS data quality and tracking capabilities by over 20%, enhancing GNSS RTK performance in challenging environments.
  • Based on powerful image processing technology, the dual-cameras associated with the controller offer surveyors a unique way to capture accurate coordinates in real time.
  • The Auto-IMU function maintains maximum pole-tilt compensation accuracy and eliminates the need for manual initialization and complex procedures.

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