Completing 25 years of history in 2023, MundoGEO has firmly contributed to the technology sector in Brazil, especially geoinformation, drones and space. Founded by cartographer engineer Emerson Granemann, the company connects professionals, companies and institutions through the MundoGEO Connect, DroneShow and SpaceBR Show exhibitions, online events and the content platform.

In the events sector, the pandemic brought challenges and also great opportunities, allowing MundoGEO to accelerate its online projects which began in 2009. The exhibitions, in 2022, returned with full force based on the new strategies adopted. In 2023, more than 5,700 attendees from 33 countries and 120 exhibitors participated in the MundoGEO Connect, DroneShow and SpaceBR Show in Frei Caneca Convention Center, in São Paulo, Brazil. The next edition promises to be even larger and it will be held at Expo Center Norte.

It is this portfolio of events and the content platform that now form part of the Italian Exhibition Group (IEG), a publicly traded Italian company and one of the main organizers of fairs and congresses in Europe, which is expanding the market Brazilian.

Not by chance, and due to a strategic decision by IEG, the founder and CEO of MundoGEO, Emerson Granemann, will continue to lead the operation, as well as the team that has accompanied MundoGEO for several years. In this way, all the knowledge, expertise and networking acquired over the 25 years of history will continue to be present in the relationship with the partners and audience of the events and the content platform on the internet.

“The company and its events certainly grow in importance with the entry of a global company of the size of the Italian Exhibition Group and I am very excited about what lies ahead. The community of drones, eVTOLs [electric aircraft that takeoff and lands vertically], autonomous mobile robotics, space and geospatial technologies can be sure that this change will be extremely beneficial from the point of view of growth and new perspectives for events and the content platform”, evaluates Granemann.

IEG is responsible for organizing more than 50 trade fairs and 190 events and congresses around the world. In recent years, it began to expand its operations beyond Europe, reaching the United States, the United Arab Emirates and China. More recently, in 2022, it arrived in Brazil with the purchase of BTFF – Brasil Trading Fitness Fair and organization of Fesqua (Feira Internacional da Indústria de Esquadrias) and Ebrats (Encontro e Exposição Brasileira de Tratamentos de Superfície), biennial and simultaneous events.

“We are focused on expanding our reach globally and Brazil remains a focus for the company. This is the second acquisition we have made here and others should happen this year. And the sectors contemplated in the exhibitions held by MundoGEO caught our attention due to the enormous potential projected for the coming years”, says Graziano Messana, Italian executive in charge of IEG’s operation in the Brazil.

Market of billions

The global geospatial technology market, the focus of MundoGEO Connect, was estimated at US$ 452 billion in 2022. The trend is for growth of over 16% in 2025, when it will reach US$ 681 billion. For 2030, the estimate is US$ 1.44 trillion.

DroneShow, in turn, brings together the main companies in a market that should jump from US$ 30.6 billion in 2022 to US$ 55.8 billion by 2030, according to Drone Industry Insights, a company specializing in research in this field. “This sector has already shown strong growth in recent years and the tendency is for this to intensify, especially in Brazil, where the market is promising and of quality”, exalts Granemann.

SpaceBR Show serves the global space economy market, which reached US$ 464 billion in 2022, the highest number in its history. And that amount will continue to grow at a constant rate until it reaches US$ 737 billion at the beginning of the next decade, according to Euroconsult, a consulting company that operates in this segment.

About MundoGEO

MundoGEO has the purpose of disseminating knowledge to more than 200,000 professionals, stimulating innovation and fostering new businesses in the space, drones, geospatial technologies, autonomous mobile robotics and eVTOLs sectors, publishing content on the MundoGEO web portal, on social networks and organizing events (online and face-to-face), such as DroneShow, MundoGEO Connect and SpaceBR Show. More information at:

About the Italian Exhibition Group

The Italian Exhibition Group (IEG), listed on the Milan Stock Exchange, has been consolidating itself as a leader in the organization of trade fairs and congresses in Italy, and is one of the main European players in the sector. It is known for its work in several sectors, with emphasis on Environment & Technology. More information at: