MundoGEO will hold in 2024 the 1st edition of Expo eVTOL, an event dedicated to the Electric Vertical Take-Off and Landing aircraft (eVTOL) market, popularly known as “flying cars”. The fair and forum will take place in parallel with other MundoGEO events — DroneShow Robotics, SpaceBR Show and MundoGEO Connect — at Expo Center Norte – Pavilhão Amarelo, in São Paulo, between May 21st and 23rd of next year.

Expo eVTOL is a spin-off of the 1st eVTOL Forum – Challenges and Opportunities, held this year along with DroneShow Robotics, dedicated exclusively to this sector that is in evidence and promises to take the skies in the coming years. MundoGEO, in this way, responds to a market demand for a trade fair and a forum on the matter, contrary to what happens in aviation events, which reserve a secondary space for this disruptive technology.

The eVTOL market is expected to reach US$ 21.62 billion in 2027, according to a report by IMARC Group, a British consulting firm. The expectation regarding these aircraft is such that the main aircraft manufacturers in the world are directly involved, such as Embraer, Airbus and Boeing. Not to mention several startups that have accelerated projects with eVTOLs already flying, such as Lilium, Vertical Aerospace, EHang, Archer Aviation, among others.

Airlines around the world are also among the future operators of the “flying casr”. In Brazil, Azul and Gol have already announced intention to purchase eVTOLs with Lilium and Vertical Aerospace, respectively. Eve Air Mobility, from the Embraer group, has several future clients in its portfolio, including some Brazilian air taxi companies, such as Helisul, Voar Aviation, FlyBIS, Flapper and Avantto.

The forum held this year brought together some of these players, such as Eve, Gol, Azul, Vertical and Helisul, as well as other players closely involved with the sector, such as the Brazilian National Civil Aviation Agency (ANAC) and the Brazilian Department of Air Space Control (DECEA). The second edition of the forum, now inside the Expo eVTOL, will bring even more speakers to address the most current topics in the world of eVTOLs.

It will focus on three main axes: technology, regulation and market. In the first topic, issues related to industry, electrification, design, training and operation will be discussed. Regarding regulation, the paths for certification of eVTOLs in Brazil, international experiences and the insertion of these vehicles in the airspace already taken by planes, helicopters and drones will be brought. Finally, there will be room for debate on the size of this sector and those directly involved in the operation, such as airlines, air taxi companies, security and defense agencies and infrastructure companies.

“Expo eVTOL is MundoGEO’s fourth exhibition that anticipates and creates a space to discuss the economic, social and cultural impacts of technologies, now with this new mode of transport”, says MundoGEO CEO, Emerson Granemann.

In addition to being an important debate arena, Expo eVTOL will also bring together companies at the trade fair, in which they will present not only their own aircraft and mock-ups of future eVTOLs, but also solutions that go beyond passenger transport, including logistics, defense and security. The first edition of the event coincides with the expansion of MundoGEO, recently acquired by the Italian Exhibition Group (IEG), responsible for more than 50 fairs and 190 events and conferences worldwide.


What: 1st eVTOL Expo
When: May 21 to 23, 2024
Format: In person
Where: Expo Center Norte – Pavilhão Amarelo, in São Paulo
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