The Brazilian Space Agency (AEB), the Federation of Industries of the State of Maranhão (FIEMA), the National Industrial Learning Service of Maranhão (SENAI/MA) and the Municipality of Alcântara, signed a Protocol of Intent to carry out a program of professional and technological training for the Alcântara community, within the scope of the Integrated Development Program for the Alcântara Space Center (PDI-CEA).

The PDI-CEA seeks to develop the regional infrastructure essential for the operationalization of the CEA. Furthermore, it promotes socioeconomic benefits for the region where it is implemented. It is a State document with projects and initiatives necessary for the development of national infrastructure in favor of the Brazilian Space Program (PEB).

“There will be no development of the Space Program in Alcântara if there is no socio-economic investment. It is work that has to be integrated with the region. Initiatives for socioeconomic development, employment and income generation are carried out through partnerships”, said the president of AEB, Marco Antonio Chamon.

The signing took place at FIEMA headquarters, in Maranhão. Several institutions from the productive sector participated in the meeting, including SEBRAE, SENAI, SESI, the Secretariat of Economic Development of Maranhão, the Commercial Association, representatives of the Alcântara Space Center, and the Euvaldo Lodi Institute (IEL). In addition, members of the group Think Maranhão who worked with AEB in the construction of the PDI-CEA were present.