Registration is open for the courses, seminars and forums taking place at the MundoGEO Connect, DroneShow Robotics, SpaceBR Show and Expo eVTOL 2024 fair, from May 21st to 23rd at Expo Center Norte – Pavilhão Amarelo, in São Paulo (SP), Brazil.

10 courses

  • Regulations for Professional Use of Drones
  • Processing of Images obtained by Drones
  • Aerial surveys with drones
  • Inspections and Monitoring with Drones
  • Drones in Agribusiness and Forestry
  • Drones in Agricultural and Forestry Spraying
  • Technical Cadastre and Urban Geo
  • Georeferencing of Rural Properties
  • Geographic Intelligence for Important Decisions
  • GIS, BIM and Digital Twins

9 seminars

  • Regulation for Drones
  • Drones for Inspections and Monitoring
  • Drones in Spraying and Biological Control
  • Drones in Public and Private Security
  • Geospatial technologies and Drones in Agribusiness
  • Geospatial technologies in the environment and carbon credits
  • Territorial Cadastre in Municipal Governance
  • GIS, Artificial Intelligence and BIM
  • Autonomous Mobile Robotics

2 foruns

  • SpaceBR Show
  • eVTOL – Advanced Air Mobility and Innovative Aircraft

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When purchasing a registration for one or more courses, seminars or forums, entry is free for the three days of the exhibition. Limited spaces!

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