Manufacturer Moya Aero eVTOL and Fototerra signed a Letter of Intent (LOI) to acquire 10 Moya eVTOL for application in digital aerial photogrammetry, hyperspectral digital aero photogrammetry, LiDAR Surveys and Environmental Observation.

The Moya eVTOL will receive specific equipment for capturing images, demonstrating its versatility in application.

“We designed out Moya eVTOL for different missions. We can adapt the vehicle to attend various segments,” said Alexandre Zaramela, CEO of Moya Aero.

The two companies have in common the search for new technologies. Fototerra is also a Brazilian company that offers various services and products linked to generating images that allow cartographic surveys, among others.

The Moya eVTOL will enter into operation in 2026.