More than 200 brands from the drones, geospatial technology, space, eVTOLs and robotics sectors will be present at the DroneShow Robotics, MundoGEO Connect, SpaceBR Show and Expo eVTOL 2024 exhibition, from May 21 to 23 at Expo Center Norte – Pavilhão Amarelo, in São Paulo (SP).

The 2024 exhibition will have an area 50% larger than this year’s event, to accommodate the growing number of companies and brands, in addition to regulatory agencies and educational institutions that will have stands to showcase their products and services.


With manufacturers and importers of drones, embedded technology, robotics, autonomous systems, related equipment, data processing platforms, as well as service providers. In parallel, Forums on eVTOL and Autonomous Mobile Robotics take place.

MundoGEO Connect

Presenting reality collection solutions (using satellites, planes, drones and fixed and mobile ground stations), image processing using artificial intelligence, visualization and analysis of information using 3D resources, such as Virtual Reality (VR), Augmented Reality (AR) and digital twins.

SpaceBR Show

With the entire production chain in the sector, made up of companies, startups and institutions that work with launch vehicles, satellites and the provision of services in general. The objective is to show the potential for new businesses brought about by space exploration for the Latin American community. In 2024, a new international Business Round will be held.

Expo eVTOL

The eVTOLs and Advanced Air Mobility (AAM) market is about to take off. Therefore, MundoGEO decided to hold the Expo eVTOL exhibition and the 2nd Forum in 2024 exclusively dedicated to this ecosystem that is developing around Innovative Aircraft.

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Plan and exhibitors for 2024:

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Courses, Seminars and Forums

In addition to the products and services exhibition, DroneShow Robotics, MundoGEO Connect, SpaceBR Show and Expo eVTOL 2024 will feature courses, seminars and forums. When purchasing a registration for one or more courses, seminars or forums, entry is free for the three days of the exhibition.

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Business Round and Startup Competition

The event will also feature a Business Roundtable between sellers and contractors of products and services, in addition to a Startup Competition involving the areas of drones, geospatial technology, space and eVTOLs.

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