Veng, an Argentine company specializing in space services and products, announced that it has finished the engineering model for the D-OBC (Development On Board Computer), a joint project between the company and the Argentine National Commission for Space Activities (CONAE).

The D-OBC has the characteristic of being versatile enough to work as a computer for the payload module in varied satellite missions. This computer is responsible for the operation of the scientific instruments of data acquisition that the satellite owns.

The development of this project entailed the finalization of thermal tests, to corroborate the correct functioning of the D-OBC during different heat ratings, as well as the realization of CTP (Comprehensive Performance Tests) to evaluate that all the boards interact correctly with each other.

The D-OBC is composed of a single board computer and 6 peripheral modules. Each one of the modules has a specific function. D-OBC also has a cPCI backplane (Compact Peripheral Component Interconnect) that gives versatility in the desing of its functionalities, allowing it to adapt to different satellite missions.