Teledyne Geospatial is pleased to announce the delivery of an Optech Galaxy PRIME to Fototerra. Serving both North and South America the aerospace and service company specializes in airborne remote sensing services, geographic data acquisition, high-resolution photogrammetry, hyperspectral data acquisition, and GIS applications. This is Fototerra’s second Galaxy system for use across multiple applications, including forest inventory, agriculture, urban mapping, and surveying carbon mapping of archeological sites in the Amazon region.

The compact all-terrain, all landcover Galaxy PRIME delivers projects with higher productivity than any other system on the market. Its PulseTRAK™ technology enables a continuous operating envelope that can accommodate high relief terrain with no data gaps or loss of density across multipulse transition zones. SwathTRAK™ technology can reduce operating costs by as much as 50% by maintaining fixed width flightlines for consistent point density and fewer flightlines in variable terrain. Fototerra’s plans include high-resolution mapping in urban city cores, for forest and environmental monitoring in the Amazon. 

“We are excited to leverage the many survey efficiencies provided by the Galaxy,” commented Luis Lima, CTO of Fototerra. “Our new Galaxy system will be deployed right away to support our forest inventory, and infrastructure projects. Using lidar data for forest inventory allows us to calculate the amount of wood, analyze growth over the years, determine the best method for wood extraction through slope maps, plan forest management, among other activities.”

“We are pleased to provide our long-time partner Fototerra, with their second Galaxy PRIME and continue our cooperation with them. The extended ranging performance and expanded range of motion of Galaxy PRIME’s innovative SwathTRAK capability allows Fototerra to positively increase their collection efficiency,” commented Juan Carballini, Senior Sales Manager at Teledyne Geospatial.

Teledyne Geospatial unifies the hardware and software expertise of both Teledyne CARIS and Teledyne Optech.  The new group provides customers with innovative integrated solutions. Offerings include turnkey systems, lidar and sonar integrated workflows and a range of systems and solutions that support holistic, precision data collection.