Opus Incorporadora has announced that the Cidade Opus real estate complex, launched in March and to be built in Goiânia, has included in the design of its commercial tower a heliport adapted to receive eVTOLs, electric vertical take-off and landing vehicles. The project is expected to be ready in 2026.

“You have to understand the movements of the market, not just real estate, but everything it encompasses, such as mobility. Parking, the number of spaces available in a development, spaces adapted for electric cars, helipads and now adaptation, not just for eVTOLs, but also for deliveries by air,” says the company’s director, Dener Justino.

“There’s no point in doing a project and looking only at the present, the design and construction phase. You have to think about the world when it’s delivered. It needs to be up to date when it’s ready, there’s no point in delivering something out of date,” he adds.

Cidade Opus is a multi-use building complex that aims to connect work, housing and high-end commerce in one place. There will be three separate towers, as well as a boulevard with an open mall concept and stores selected by the developer.