Berg Insight, the leading IoT market research provider, today released a new market study covering the GNSS-based road pricing market. GNSS-based road pricing refers to the charging of road users using global navigation satellite system (GNSS) sensors inside vehicles. The road pricing umbrella term typically covers various types of schemes such as electronic toll collection (ETC) and road user charging (RUC) as well as vignettes and congestion charging.

More than a dozen countries around the world have GNSS-based RUC/ETC systems that are in operation or about to be launched in the relative near-term. The vast majority of these can so far be found in Europe but there are also programs in operation in North America and Asia-Pacific. Berg Insight estimates that the installed base of GNSS-based on-board units deployed for road user charging reached more than 7.4 million units worldwide in 2023. Growing at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 7.3 percent, the installed base is forecasted to reach almost 10.6 million units in 2028.

Berg Insight ranks Russia, Germany and Poland as the largest markets in terms of the number of GNSS-equipped vehicles for road user charging purposes. “The Russian implementation is the largest in the world with more than 1 million on-board units in use for the Platon ETC system”, said Rickard Andersson, Principal Analyst, Berg Insight. He adds that Germany and Poland are the runners-up with the Lkw-Maut and e-TOLL systems respectively. “Other countries with more than half a million on-board units in use include Belgium with the Kilometer Charge, Hungary’s HU-GO and the Czech Republic’s CzechToll satellite toll system”, continued Mr. Andersson.

Bulgaria and Slovakia also have several hundred thousand on-board units deployed. The remaining top-10 markets are New Zealand and Switzerland with the eRUC and LSVA implementations respectively. “The fragmented US market has a few operational RUC programs on state level and the country is just outside of the global top-10 so far”, concluded Mr. Andersson.

Download report brochure: The Global GNSS-Based Road Pricing Market