Juniper® Systems is excited to announce that Uinta™, the company’s powerful and easy-to-use data collection and mapping software, is now available for iOS devices through the App Store. Compatible with both iPhone and iPad.

The same quick and easy data collection software loved by Windows® and Android™ users can now be used across more devices. Uinta’s customizable user workflow and simple layout has been a game-changer for users collecting data and mapping in the field.

“Uinta software on Windows and Android has been popular for many customer applications. We’re excited that Uinta is now available on iOS, it offers a lot more mobile device options to our customers.”

said Trevor Brown, Business Development Manager at Juniper Systems.

Uinta software licenses are interchangeable and work between iOS, Windows, and Android devices. Projects are easily created, updated, and shared locally and via the cloud. In addition, Juniper Systems’ high-accuracy Geode™ GNSS Receiver is commonly used with Uinta. Now, Uinta users can turn their phone or tablet into a high-accuracy GPS total data collection and mapping solution regardless of operating system.

“Juniper Systems is passionate about field data collection and we love to see the many interesting ways Uinta is used by our customers. Now that Uinta is available on every major mobile platform it will be even easier to get set up quickly and start mapping and collecting field data. There are a lot of iOS devices already in the hands of our users. Now they can use Uinta with those too.”

Brown said.

Uinta customers have access to free project templates that can be easily modified to meet individual customer needs. Uinta is commonly used in a range of field data applications including utility mapping and data collection, commercial and agricultural irrigation, industrial asset inspections and rounds, natural resource applications such as forestry, wetlands, wildlife, vegetation mapping, and many others. All Uinta customers benefit from live technical support, training, and assistance in creating Uinta project templates that match customer needs.

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