Sirius Aviation AG, an innovative leader in aviation, unveils two revolutionary hydrogen-powered luxury business jets, the Sirius CEO-JET and the Sirius Adventure Jet. Developed in collaboration with BMW Group Designworks, these groundbreaking aircraft aim to transform private air travel with eco-friendly alternatives, substantially reducing CO2 emissions.

The Sirius CEO-JET, the world’s first hydrogen-powered private jet marks a new era in sustainable business aviation. This elegant, state-of-the-art aircraft seamlessly integrates advanced technology with unparalleled customization, and eco-friendly modern luxury.

The Sirius Adventure Jet, is a revolutionary hydrogen-powered aircraft designed for those passionate about exploration. The game-changing jet facilitates unprecedented point-to-point green-travel, allowing thrill-seeking adventurers to reach remote jungles, majestic mountains, and untouched destinations with ease and efficiency.

“The launch of the Sirius CEO-JET and Adventure Jet represents a major milestone in our mission to revolutionize air travel with sustainable solutions,” said Alexey Popov, Sirius Aviation AG CEO. “The CEO-JET offers an eco-friendly option for business travel, while the Adventure Jet opens new horizons for global tourism and exploration.”

“We’re bridging the gap for individuals who aspire to own a business jet with pride in a future that values eco-consciousness,” said Alexey Popov. “Our customers will inspire admiration and respect, fostering a culture of positivity rather than judgment or criticism.”

Sirius CEO-JET combines sustainable business aviation with modern luxury, this aircraft utilizes a hydrogen-electric powertrain for zero carbon emissions. It cruises at speeds up to 323 knots, has a range of up to 1150 miles, and seats three passengers. The upscale interior offers extensive customization options such as unique colors, upholstery, amenities like champagne fridges, pet accommodations, and bespoke bathrooms, catering to discerning travelers.

Sirius Adventure Jet is designed for leisure and adventurous pursuits, this jet boasts a pioneering hydrogen-electric powertrain for sustainable travel. It has a range of up to 1150 miles, speeds reaching 323 knots, and accommodates five passengers. With an exploration-ready design, it provides seamless access to uncharted territories and offers customizable interiors tailored for both leisure and adventures.