An emergency management system built by NGIS for the Town of Cottesloe has been awarded a high commendation in the Australian Safer Community Awards at a Ministerial ceremony. The Cottesloe Critical Infrastructure Project (CCIP) delivers an online GIS database to provide accurate knowledge about the Town of Cottesloe’s critical infrastructure suitable for both event and emergency management.

In addition to noting items such as paths, drainage, road infrastructure and public buildings such as schools and hospitals, the system also includes underground power and gas mains, fuel, chemical and gas storage sites and other emergency information. Leveraging from Geosamba technology, a GIS prototype was customized to deliver detailed local information on assets, people and places to provide the right information, to the right people, with time for them to make a decision on what to do next.

The system provides rangers and police with detailed local location knowledge about surrounding infrastructure, assets, dangers and ‘at risk’ community members within the Town of Cottesloe.

The project was officially recognized a presentation ceremony on Thursday, 11 October, with the Highly Commended award presented by the Minister for Police and Emergency Services, John Kobelke.