Bricsys, developer of Bricscad and Sivan Design, worldwide provider of leading Civil Engineering 3D CAD products announced that the complete CivilCAD 2010 Solution Suite is now also released for Bricscad V9. The seamless integration of over 6 years between Bricscad and CivilCAD continues with the current release.

CivilCAD 2010 Solution Suite, the ultimate plan and design tools for civil engineering professionals, offers roads construction and design, upper and underground infrastructure design, pipes layout design, earthworks volumes calculations, and cross platforms surveying data handling capabilities.

Offering limitless design capabilities, fully integrated system tools, high-speed results and unsurpassed user-friendly task based environment, CivilCAD 2010 brings the new generation in civil engineering to a new and unprecedented level of competence and cost-effectiveness.

The release of CivilCAD 2010 for Bricscad is the second product ported to the Bricscad platform. Earlier Civil Simulate was already released. This ultimate interactive 3D simulation software, offers dynamic 3D visualization at a click, with innovative tools for effective and instant 3D simulation. Civil Simulate enables generation of a fully interactive 3D simulation directly from CivilCAD.

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