MundoGEO launched, less than one month ago, a social net turned to the geo-information sector, GeoConnectPeople. In this period, the net is very close to reaching 2 thousand users and already counts on almost 70 groups. Geoprocessamento, ArcGIS-Brazil, Geography, Geospatial Database Sharing, Cartography and GIS are the groups with larger number of members.

GeoConnectPeopleThe creation of groups is open, so that the people can choose the themes of their interest. According to Eduardo Freitas, mediator of the net, “the members can open their own groups and topics to debate technical subjects, market trends, legislation, and patterns of geospatial data. In other words, GeoConnectPeople is an open net that it is being built by the community itself.”

Also according to Eduardo: “… at first, GeoConnectPeople increased very quickly due to the fact that it was an innovation in the geotechnology sector. Now, the net keeps increasing day by day, but in a slower rhythm. We already have members from all the continents participating in GeoConnectPeople, and the groups show this plurality once the subjects that are being debated go from the Inpire up to GIS Day”.

Unique in Brazil, the net is turned to all of the geo-information users who want to share experiences, contacts and information on applications and tools linked to the sector, such as geo-processing, mapping, remote sensing, GPS, among other subjects. One curiosity is that this social net receives several registrations of members that do not participate in other communities, but that feel comfortable to enter GeoConnectPeople.