The project will be made for the Agustin Codazzi Geographic Institute, responsible for mapping in Colombia

OrbiSat, a Brazilian company, part of the Embraer Defense & Security Group, which operates in the area of remote sensing and radars for air and ground surveillance, recently signed a contract with Agustin Codazzi Geographic Institute (IGAC). This agency, recognized for its importance in Colombia, is responsible for all mapping works performed in the territory.Empresas de Colombia forman parte de la Guía de Empresas MundoGEO

The scope of the project refers to the cartographic mapping at a scale of 1:10 thousand of Cundinamarca region, located near Bogota and divided into 15 counties and 116 cities. The site has about 10,200 km² and is normally covered by many clouds, which makes the operation difficult and information accuracy.

“The Colombian Institute chose OrbiSat because of our expertise in operating in complex regions and getting high performance results with our synthetic aperture radar (SAR), unique in the world with the appropriate characteristics to operate in this region,” explains Maurício Aveiro, OrbiSat’s President.

This is the company’s first project with Colombia and the contract value is approximately $ 3 million. The length of service is estimated for 10 months and by the end of the project, about 342 maps will be delivered.

Throughout the process, OrbiSat will train IGAC’s technicians for the appropriate usage of raw data of the collected  information and, if necessary, to support the professionals regarding the application of these data for other purposes – such as engineering projects – in the mapped region.

“This contract means a lot to OrbiSat, helping us to get into a new market and expanding its work in Latin America. Having the endorsement of this institute is also very important for the company, since IGAC is the largest representative from that country, “says Aveiro.

OrbiSat uses radar with two bands, X and P, for land critical analysis because they collect information from the exposed surface and also the land under clouds and treetops. OrbiSat will send a team with 20 people working in Colombia for the next months.