A recent survey by Worldwide Business Researchdetermined that nearly 90 percent of all government and military agencies in Europe and the Americas use Esri’s ArcGIS as their primary geographic information system (GIS).

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Using the customized maps, apps, templates, and other tools found in ArcGIS for the Military and ArcGIS for Intelligence, organizations can easily solve complex problems and quickly make critical decisions.

In addition, as nations and agencies move towards greater use of open source intelligence, including crowd sourced and volunteered geographic information, the ability of systems like ArcGIS to collect, fuse, and analyze disparate information from a wide variety of sources becomes increasingly important in building a common operational picture.

“Esri has worked closely with defence and intelligence organizations throughout the world for many years,” says John Day, Esri’s Director for National Security Business Development. “We understand the need to provide a comprehensive platform of geospatial solutions that can be used for detailed analysis and decision making.”

At the DGI conference in 2015 geospatial intelligence suppliers and end users will meet to discuss the future direction of the industry.