2020 has started shaking the Geotechnologies and Drone sectors. Plenty of recent news have broken the social media, as openings have been announced, webinars held, and a record already broken.

Last Tuesday (1/14) MundoGEO has broken the record of views in 24 hours right after launching the new portal, which took place last July.

MundoGEO portal has received exactly 6,844 views throughout last Tuesday.

Such a figure has reached a growth of approximately 65% in relation to its previous week, which had already had an expressive amount of views.

“These numbers prove the trend we have been noticing since the second semester of 2019, when the Geotechnologies and Drone sector took off, with novelties and openings divulged, being a sign that we have returned the sustainable growth”

Eduardo Freitas, MundoGEO | DroneShow content manager