Spectra Geospatial announced a collaboration with Aplitop, a supplier of specialized surveying and civil engineering software, to provide a comprehensive tunnel survey solution to increase productivity for survey service providers.

This collaboration provides surveyors and geospatial professionals with a complete hardware and software solution for performing efficient tunnel construction surveys. Combining the accuracy and speed of the Spectra® Focus® 35 robotic total station with the simple workflows of Aplitop TcpTUNNEL, running on the ST10 or Ranger 7 data collector, enables tunnel surveyors to perform excavation control, automated survey and stakeout of tunnel cross-sections. In the office, data and designs can be transferred seamlessly between TcpTUNNEL CAD, a plug-in for several CAD platforms, and TcpTUNNEL field software.

The Spectra Geospatial and Aplitop solution provides a full featured workflow for tunnel constructions surveys including:

  • Definition of the project design elements such as alignments and templates that can be easily transferred between the field and office
  • Efficient tunnel drill and blast setout as well as reporting on the difference to design positions
  • Automated data collection for the quality control of tunnel excavation process using cutting-edge tracking mode
  • Accurate stake out of key design features and anchor bolts along tunnel alignment
  • Graphical reporting of the differences between design and survey data to calculate over and underbreak volumes and areas to ensure design conformity

“Collaborating with Aplitop enables Spectra Geospatial to provide customers with a world-class tunneling solution to increase productivity working in underground environments,” said Olivier Casabianca, vice president of Spectra Geospatial. “The combination improves the tunnel construction process by providing customers with increased confidence in the field and streamlining final deliverable creation in the office.”

“We are excited to partner with Spectra Geospatial to introduce a solution for tunnel construction professionals,” said Francisco Navarrete, general manager of Aplitop. “This combined solution enables professionals to leverage the speed and accuracy of Spectra Geospatial total stations with the simplicity of the TcpTUNNEL portfolio.”

The FOCUS 35 total station, ST10 tablet and Ranger 7 data collector are available through the Spectra Geospatial global dealer network. For more information visit: www.spectrageospatial.com or email: sales@spectrageospatial.com. The TcpTUNNEL software is available through Spectra Geospatial global dealer network or the Aplitop international distributor network. For more information visit: www.aplitop.com or email: sales@aplitop.com.