MundoGEO will hold its first face-to-face event on eVTOL in 2023, also popularly called “flying car”, the 1st eVTOL Show Forum, with the purpose of bringing together the main actors in the sector and discussing regulatory, technological and investment issues.

The market for eVTOLs is emerging and growing, see the number of companies that are developing vehicles around the world, such as Avalon, Eve, Lilium, Electra, Jaunt and Varon, among others, as well as transport companies that are betting on eVTOLs such as a new business model, such as Azul, Flapz, Helisul, Gol, Flapper and Avantto, in addition to infrastructure companies such as Atech and EDP.

Based on the market data that MundoGEO collected, as well as the mapping of events, content sites and companies/institutions linked to this segment, it is clear that there is a demand to be met for the discussion of trends in this new sector, as well as involving the society that will be impacted by this revolutionary modal of urban mobility mainly.

eVTOL Market

The main players in this market are moving quickly and demonstrating that, in fact, it will soon become a reality. It’s just a matter of time and infrastructure/regulation. It is no longer in the “if” field, but in the “when” field.

Of course, the global market is huge, and Brazil, as in other sectors, must have a relevant participation, especially in Latin America, taking into account that one of the main global players is in the country: Eve Air, from the Embraer group.

“MundoGEO, in this way, begins to expand its scope of action. We are already leaders in Latin America in the production of content and in-person, hybrid and online events in the areas of geospatial technology, drones and space. Now we are going to expand our operations in the eVTOL sector, a topic that touches on the other areas where we operate”.

comments Emerson Granemann, founder and CEO of MundoGEO

The main topics of this 100% face-to-face Forum in São Paulo in May 2023 will be:

  • Industry and technological development
  • Airspace infrastructure
  • Energy infrastructure
  • Regulation with the participation of ANAC (National Civil Aviation Agency) and DECEA (Department of Airspace Control)
  • Operations in Security and Transport, among other uses
  • Market/Investments
  • Municipalities and private providers of necessary physical structures
  • Acculturation of society
  • Related legal issues

In the coming weeks, the dates of the preparatory online events that will take place in 2022 will be announced, as well as the detailed schedule of the 2023 eVTOL Show Forum.