The i73+ is a compact, powerful, and versatile GNSS receiver with an integrated UHF modem which can be used indifferently as a base station or rover. Powered by 1408 full GNSS channels and the latest iStar technology, it delivers survey-grade accuracy in all job site configurations.

The new i73+ receiver has been built on the legacy of the i73 GNSS, designed to maintain its proven compact and lightweight concept; additionally, it can be operated as either a GNSS RTK base station or a rover. To enable this extra feature, we use the latest UHF modem technology, allowing the reception and transmission of RTK corrections without sacrificing receiver size and power consumption.

The i73+ has a built-in transceiver radio module compatible with major radio protocols, making it a perfect portable built-in UHF base and rover kit with fewer accessories. The i73+ is a highly productive NTRIP rover when used with a handheld controller or tablet and connected to a GNSS RTK network via CHCNAV LandStar field software.

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